Windows 11 gestures: Easy Guide

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Touch-screen gestures allow you to navigate Windows 11 more quickly. A touch gesture is a physical movement made by your finger on a touchpad. You may use these gestures on your Windows 11 device’s touchpad. It’s no surprise that Windows 11 lets users use different gestures on a touchpad to do certain things, like using three fingers to show all the programs that are currently running or four fingers to open the date and time window.

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Enabling the Windows 11 gestures

To turn on touch gestures, go to Settings > Bluetooth & Devices > Touch > Three- and four-finger touch gestures and turn it on.

By choosing Advanced Gestures in the settings, you can completely change how three- and four-finger gestures work. Do you want to utilize a three-finger tap as the center mouse button? Sure, why not? Or maybe you’d want to conceal everything but the app in focus with a four-finger slide to the left? Take the plunge. There are several settings to choose from, such as tapping or swiping left, right, up, and down. Furthermore, you may create a custom shortcut for an activity that isn’t on the list. 

You can readjust the way you browse around your Windows 11 PC with a few modifications in Settings. It’s quite useful if you’re looking for a new approach to quickly close unwanted windows or have a good middle mouse button. 

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You may utilize the following existing templates on Windows:

Windows 11 gestures
Touchpad Gestures

Move applications and display the desktop (default):

The three-finger sideways swipe gesture is used to switch between apps in this templated gesture. Swiping your three fingers up will open the window for switching between tasks, and swiping your three fingers down will show your desktop. 

Switch desktops and display desktops:

Rather than switching programs, this pre-set lets you switch desktops with a three-finger sideways swipe motion. The two three-finger motions act in the same way as the preceding design. 

Change audio and volume:

This gesture template is great for folks who use their Windows device to frequently listen to music, podcasts, or edit videos. Using the three-finger up-and-down swipe motion, you may increase or decrease the volume. Furthermore, the sideways three-finger swipe lets you go to the previous and next song in your queue. 


Swipe in from the right side of the screen to access the notification center. 


Swipe in from the left side of the screen to display widgets. 

That’s all there is to it. On your Windows 11 laptop, you may now freely configure your trackpad. Windows also has pre-programmed choices for the three-finger touch gesture. Go to the Taps section and use the drop-down menu to choose the action you want to take. You may also activate this gesture by selecting “Nothing” from the drop-down menu. 


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