Best Grammarly alternatives for error-free writing


We all know, how important is to check articles, notes, important emails grammatically. It isn’t easy to check for grammar mistakes completely when there’s a 1000 words article in front of you. And we all know the importance of grammar in writing. For error-free writing, so many typing assistants are available that check grammar mistakes … Read more

Top 5 alternatives to Microsoft office

alternatives to Microsoft office

Microsoft Office is an excellent but expensive suite. In this article, we have listed down cheaper & better alternatives to Microsoft office. In this fast-moving world, we want everything at our fingertips, be it our contacts, food, shopping, or even the workplace. Apps like Microsoft Office make it easy as it brings all the apps … Read more

Free Books Online- 10 Best Websites

Free Books Online 10 Best Websites

Are you a book lover? You may sometimes feel that your love for books may result in overspending money. But do you? Around us, there are tons of websites that offer books to read online, but they ask for subscriptions. You should try these amazing websites listed below. These websites offer free online books and … Read more

Watch Movies Online for Free- Best Websites


Entertainment is a huge sector, especially in the young generation’s life. They are always furious and excited about the latest movies as well as web series. A wide number of people find it best to go for a subscription. But for the rest, getting a subscription might be costly. However, watching movies only by getting … Read more

10 free websites to learn new skills

10 Free Websites to Learn New Skills

During Covid-19 many people started leaning new skills either to pass time or because they never got to learn it due to time or money restrictions. Thus, many websites launched free online classes to help people out. In this article, we’re going to learn about those free websites that can help you to learn a … Read more

Top 5 free Photoshop alternatives in 2022

top 5 free photoshop alternatives in 2022

If you’re a graphic designer or photographer then Photoshop is one of the most powerful photo editors that you can use. Over time it can be quite expensive, even with Adobe’s most basic plan that will cost you around $120 per year or Rs.1675.60 per month. Thankfully there are free Photoshop alternatives that have many … Read more