Best Grammarly alternatives for error-free writing

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We all know, how important is to check articles, notes, important emails grammatically. It isn’t easy to check for grammar mistakes completely when there’s a 1000 words article in front of you. And we all know the importance of grammar in writing. For error-free writing, so many typing assistants are available that check grammar mistakes and provide necessary corrections as well. In this article, we have mentioned the best Grammarly alternatives. But, before going forward let’s learn a little about Grammarly.

Grammarly-Online writing assistant

It is a Ukrainian company, whose headquarters are in America. Grammarly is very popular and it gives many services in its free version as well. It is available online and you can even add Grammarly extension on your chrome for ease. It will check spellings, grammar, active or passive voice, and other suggestions to improve your writing.

You can directly upload your file on Grammarly online and can check and correct your grammar errors. It will also show you some suggestions for improving the readability of your text. While its free version has limited features. Whereas the premium version includes a lot more, let’s see them distinctively.

Features in Free plan

  • Automatically check and fix spelling errors
  • Incorrect punctuation
  • Tone detector
  • Suggestion to improve readability
  • Definitions and synonyms via double click while using its extension
tone detection-grammarly
Tone detection

Features in Paid plans

Grammarly offers two paid plans. One for individuals and the other for Business.

SpellingEverything in premium
GrammarStyle guide
Clarity-focused sentence rewriteBrand tones
Tone adjustmentAnalytics dashboard
Plagiarism detectionPriority email support
Word alternativesAccount roles and permissions
Formality levelSSML SSO (for 50+ members)
Advanced recommendations
Grammarly features in Premium and Business plan

Grammarly pricing

Premium- It provides a clear, stylish and suitable tone for writing. It is best for individuals for school and work. Grammarly premium is available at $12.00 (INR. 914.28) per month.

Business- With this plan, you can write more professionally. And you can share your notes and can work with your team, from 3 to 149 members. The pricing for each team member is $12.50 (INR. 952.58) per month.

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Alternatives of Grammarly

However, Grammarly offers marvellous features, but its free version still lacks other basic writing issues. Also, the pricing is a bit more maybe due to popularity. It sometimes shows a red underline for indicating mistakes when actually there aren’t any. Other than this, adverts. Grammarly frequently asks you to buy its paid plans, and that’s sometimes annoying. And there comes a need to use an alternative. So, let’s see some Grammarly alternatives that are available for free as well.

ProWriting Aid

It is the most recommended alternative to Grammarly. It has rich filters to make your writing better. ProWriting Aid is more suitable if you have pricing issues in Grammarly. This typing assistant checks for grammar, plagiarism and readability issues.

Pricing- Both free and paid plans are available. There are two paid plans:

  • Annually- $79 (INR. 6020.82)
  • Lifetime- $299 (INR. 22787.66)


  • Detailed report of grammatical errors.
  • Readability analysis
  • Word suggestions
  • Mac and Windows support
  • Extensions for MS Word, Gmail, Open Office, Google Docs, Google Chrome, etc.


It is a real-time writing assistant, which is based on AI. It is one of the best Grammarly alternatives and offers grammar and punctuation corrector. Linguix delivers alerts and recommendations to make your text look perfect.

It also provides alternative words and expressions. Also, it keeps an eye on your spellings and corrects them if they are wrong. This typing assistant will help you in eliminating poor phrases and badly structured sentences. With this typing assistant, you can nourish your text and get an error-free document in the end.


  • Free plan– $0
  • Premium– Around $96 annually or $14.99 per month
  • TeamContact Linguix to choose the best plan for your team.


  • AI based grammar corrections
  • Rephrasing
  • Shortcuts for fast typing
  • Definitions and synonyms of words
  • style guide (not available in its free plan)

Hemingway Editor

This writing assistant is also available online. It is a very simple editor to use, because of the simple interface. Hemingway Editor will help you in removing complex sentences. Also, it will make your document clean and easy to understand.

You can paste your text directly to its online editor. And it will highlight issues like adverbs, passive voice, and complex sentences. And along with this, it also shows you the overall score. How perfect is your text, and what corrections does it need? Here, you can easily find out your grammatical mistakes.

More on, its desktop app is also available. Especially if you write blogs, so with the help of the app, you can directly publish them. It is a quite useful integration. You can save time by not copying and pasting the text over and over.


  • Online version– Free
  • Desktop app– $19.99


  • Highlight complex sentence
  • Shows excess passive voice and adverbs issues
  • Readabilty score
  • desktop apps for Windows and Mac
  • Export easily
  • Medium and WordPress integration


WordTune isn’t a proofreading tool. It shows the better version of written text. If you hover over any sentence, then it will show you some suggestions to improve your writing. Suggestions include the best possible formations for both formal and informal.

Its premium version will provide you to select the tone. Whether you want it formal or informal and do you want shorter sentences. In this way, you can improve your writing by using WordTune.


  • Free version
  • Premium– $24.99 per month or $119.88 per year


  • Multiple rewrite suggestions
  • Synonyms
  • Online editor
  • Chrome extension


Readable is the last on the list of Best Grammarly alternatives. This writing assistant uses algorithms (Flesch-Kincaid and Gunning-Fog) to check your writing. It also has a grammar tool, which looks for grammar issues and corrects them. Another important thing is Readable checks for the keyphrase density as well.

Here, you can also check existing web pages by using its URL checker. It is quite impressive tool, especially if you write blog posts. You easily check your blogs or website on Readable.

Although it doesn’t offer a free version, still it could be a great alternative to Grammarly.


  • Free trial– 7 days (ContentPro)
  • ContentPro– $8 per month or $48 per year
  • CommercePro– $48 per month or $288 per year
  • AgencyPro– $138 per month $828 per year


  • Readability score
  • Grammar checker
  • Style checker
  • Keyword density checker
  • URL Analysis
  • Integrations with Dropbox and Slack
  • Multiple English dialects support
We hope this article was helpful. If it was, then let us know in the comments down below. Also, here are few recommendations for you.

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