Free Books Online- 10 Best Websites

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Are you a book lover? You may sometimes feel that your love for books may result in overspending money. But do you? Around us, there are tons of websites that offer books to read online, but they ask for subscriptions. You should try these amazing websites listed below. These websites offer free online books and here you can find a lot of books of your interest.

How cool is that to have a library on your phone or laptop? Like you can easily access them anytime you want!

Best Websites to Read Free Books Online

Let’s start with Project Gutenberg.

Project Gutenberg

An American writer Michael S. Hart founded this in the year 1971 and is the oldest digital library. This website is best if you want to read classic books. Around 60,000 ebooks are available on this website. It may look a little overwhelming to you because it has a huge list of classics with titles you are unaware of. You can download books in any format you want and the plus point is here, you don’t need to sign-up.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is one of the famous websites because its collection is huge! There are around 20 million ebooks available on this website. You can find books from classic to modern. This website is very easy to use and doesn’t require any sign-up process. Here, you can download books in various formats.

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Many Books

Many is an amazing website. Best for people who want to read modern books. Here, a lot of modern books are available and the website has a modern interface as well. For reading books on this website, you need to register first. You can choose from many genres like thriller, romance, horror, action & adventure, fantasy and so on. They have classics too that are equally good.


BookBub is basically a website to discover new books. They promote new authors and their latest launches as well. Here, you can get books at affordable prices. Also, some books are available free of cost. After registering for BookBub, they will recommend books of your interest. You can customise them too.

Open Library

This website is open and free for everyone. In Open Library, you can find the books that you are looking for. You can easily borrow books from Internet Archive collections. In Open Library, you can download books in formats like PDF, ePub, DAISY, etc. They have around 1.7 million public domain books available.

Z Library

Z-Library is a shadow library project for file-sharing access to scholarly journal articles, academic texts, and general-interest books. Individuals can also contribute to the website’s archive to make literature accessible to as many people as possible. This website is one of the best websites. They have an immense collection of over 9 million books that you can access for free. You can download any book of your interest without registering.

As the name suggests, is best for coders and anyone who is interested in computers. The books on this website are based on technology, programming, data science, etc. It is a very simple website with nothing attractive on the interface, but the books here are very helpful. You can download any book in PDF format. Books related to Excel, JAVA, Python, and many more are available here.


Mobilism is another website where you can download free books. It is a website basically developed in the US and has 94000 unique visitors per day. It is popular among users for the ability to share apps, books and games for mobile devices. People can publish or find useful content there. Books of various categories are available here.

Library Genesis

Library Genesis is a fantastic digital shadow library that gives you free access to millions of your favourite books and papers as eBooks. From fiction books to fantasy, crime to science fiction and romance to thriller, as well as textbooks, journal articles, academic works, graphic novels, comics, etc. Here also you can download books in many formats. You can easily search books by category and can enjoy reading them.

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Free Booksy

Usually, websites offer both discounted and free books online. But Free Booksy solely offers free online books to read. You can provide your email for getting personalised recommendations directly to your mail. You just have to choose your favourite genres and Free Booksy will do the rest.


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