How to create Google form on mobile?

Create Google form on mobile

Do you want to create a quiz, create an opinion poll, or want to run a survey? Since most of the schools and colleges are giving online assignments and projects to students, this article might come in handy for them. In simple words, let’s learn how to create Google form on mobile, together. Steps to … Read more

How to create a Gmail account?

Create Gmail account

A Gmail account is a free Google account with an email address that ends with With one Gmail account and password, you can access various Google products like Google Docs, Sheets, Meet, etc. You also get access to Google Play Store from where you can download different apps. You can create a Gmail account … Read more

5 steps to become rich! Summary: I’ll teach you to be rich

5 steps to become rich

‘Rich’ can mean different things to different people. Having said that, if you have a desire to be rich, Ramit Sethi’s acclaimed book ‘I will teach you to be rich’ describes 5 simple steps to becoming rich. Today we’ll look at his book for the best answer. Money is essential to our survival in this … Read more

How to use Canva?| Tutorial to use Canva to design images.

how to use canva

In today’s world, editing images, creating graphic designs are so much in demand. It has become a professional career for so many people. Even if not professionally, people still want to learn editing for personal use. Many apps can help you edit, but today we will learn how to use Canva App? First let me … Read more

Rich Dad Poor Dad: Book summary and review.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ is one of the world’s best-selling books. It has so far sold 32 million copies worldwide. The book has been translated into 50 different languages. ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. And in this summary we’ll discuss 15 major points that author has conveyed in the book. The book’s author Robert Kiyosaki who … Read more

How to create a YouTube channel in 3 simple steps?

create YouTube channel

YouTube is an online video sharing and social media platform owned by Google. It is the second most visited website after Google. People not only watch videos here but also create them. You can do so too by creating your YouTube channel. There are three simple steps to create a YouTube channel. Also, we will … Read more

20 Google tips and tricks to search efficiently

Google tips and tricks

We are living in a world where we can’t do without the internet. Doesn’t matter if we have to learn a new thing or entertain ourselves for few minutes, we always end up searching for it on the internet. Do you know that Google handles 3.8 million searches per minute on average, across the globe? … Read more

InShot Tutorial- Edit videos using InShot

inshot tutorial

“Taking videos is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second”. With this InShot video editing tutorial, we will show you how you can manage your captured moments. We take photographs and videos to capture the moment, look back on them one day, and recall the memories. Photographs can do it but videos take it … Read more

Instagram tips and tricks | Useful Instagram tips:

Instagram tips and tricks

Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing platform. In this article, let’s see some interesting and useful Instagram tips and tricks, that will help you to fully utilize Instagram for your personal or business purpose. What is Instagram? You must have heard about Instagram. So what is Instagram? Before answering your questions, you can download Instagram … Read more