Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft Edge is a web browser initially created for Windows and later for Android & iOS. In Windows 11, this Chromium-based Edge replaced Internet Explorer as a default browser. Its functionality as a browser is good. But the inbuilt tracking prevention in Microsoft Edge has elevated it to the next level.

What needs to be prevented?

Several tracking sites keep an eye on every activity you perform on a web browser. By doing so, these sites get the knowledge of your areas of interest and show advertisements accordingly. There can be multiple tracking sites working at the same time to get information about your browsing data. We do not pay any attention to these sites and thus we don’t take any preventive measures. But, these sites have a stronghold over our browsing data and other data which can be used in the worst possible ways. We need to secure our device and for this, Microsoft Edge has come up with its own tracking system. Tracking prevention on Microsoft Edge opens up many possibilities for keeping our data secure.

Levels of Tracking Prevention in Microsoft edge

Microsoft has three stages for tracking prevention, they are Basic, Balanced, and Strict. let’s learn a bit about them.


The Basic level stops the arrival of those sites which use harmful cookies. The settings here restrict those inappropriate codes which lessen the speed of your system. However, it does not stop the advertising and other social websites which track any product or service-related activities.


This is the ideal setting, also used as the default setting, which blocks the entry of malicious sites and the other advertising sites constantly popping up in the window. A balanced setting does not overdo the prevention process by letting the essential sites enter.


As the name suggests, this setting stops all other side links, including the vital one. This can increase the load time of a page and slow down other features, such as attached documents and videos. The result of this setting isn’t certain, which means it can either improve the system efficiency by blocking other websites or damage its working by blocking even crucial websites.

Which level fits best?

It depends on your requirements and the expectations of results. If you don’t have any problem with advertisements and only want to restrict harmful websites, then feel free to use the Basic setting.

If you want to block advertisements without stopping necessary sites, then a Balanced setting is best suited. It will permit crucial websites to enter and block all other trackers which slow down the system.

If you are so conscious about your privacy and do not want any other website to occupy space, then you must go with a strict setting. This setting won’t permit any other website to enter (either necessary or unnecessary). If you are comfortable with high-tech privacy in exchange for poor browsing speed, the Strict setting is perfect for you.

Steps to switch between levels

Microsoft Edge provides Balanced as the default setting, but you can change it according to your choice anytime. By following the steps below, you can change the tracking prevention setting.

  • First, you need to open the Edge option and then click on the Settings option.
  • Then, click on the Privacy and Service option.
  • By using the controls available below the tracking prevention section, you can change the protection level as per your choice.
  • You can use the option ‘switch next to Tracking prevention‘ to disable this feature.

You can also add websites to exceptions that you don’t want to restrict by clicking on the Exceptions option and by entering the link of that particular website.

Why should we use tracking precautions?

Well, there is no harm in protecting our system from trackers. We must use the Basic setting to prevent any sort of information leakage as it stops dangerous websites from entering our system. Still, if you are confused about its usage, you can check the blocked tracker list and choose exceptions as per you.

Privacy protection

Whatever we are browsing, we are being watched by the trackers. These trackers have all information about us which they can use in any way. So protecting our system from such threats is a mandatory thing to do. We must know the protective features offered by Microsoft Edge and all browsers and should use them to keep the browsing data private and unharmed.


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