Adobe Photoshop beginner’s guide

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Adobe Photoshop is a popular editing software with millions of users. It is everyone’s favourite because of its amazing features. When the first time you open it, you’ll find it puzzling. As it contains a lot of tools, that’s sometimes tricky. But, as you use Adobe Photoshop, you’ll get familiar with the tools and all, and it will become effortless. So, for this, we are here with an explanation and use of some basic tools that will definitely help you in building a base for becoming a pro.

Here we’ll explain the basic tools of Photoshop that are commonly used in editing. So let’s begin.

Layer Tool

The first most common tool in Adobe Photoshop is the Layer tool. It’s like putting transparent sheets over and over. With the help of the Layer tool, you can make layers of every step. By using this tool, things don’t look messy and making changes becomes handy. You are not required to undo all your previous steps. With the layer tool, you can just delete the particular layer easily.

Layer Tool- Adobe Photoshop
Layer Tool- Adobe Photoshop

The Color & Swatches Tool

The Color & Swatches Tool is used to give colours to your picture. You can change, copy, and save custom colours for your content by using this tool. It is at the top-right corner of your screen. It is a great tool to keep the colours vibrant. This tool also helps in creating colourful objects, using colourful brush strokes, creating shapes, etc. in your image. Here, you can also pick any colour from your image.

The Color & Swatches Tool- Adobe Photoshop
The Color & Swatches Tool

You can save your brand colours in swatches for easy access. In this way, you don’t need to create them every time.

Custom Fonts & The Text Tool

This tool lets you add text to your image. It also contains many fonts that can give your text a unique style. There are some other options also that will let you add multiple and eye-catching effects to your text. You can also give your desired colour to the text. You can get this tool at the bottom of the Toolbar (left side of the screen).

Custom Fonts & The Text Tool
Custom Fonts & The Text Tool

Custom Brushes & The Brush Tool

As the name says, the Brush tool helps in drawing designs on images. You can find it in the toolbar. In Adobe Photoshop, there are so many brush strokes available. You can also change the thickness of the brush, change colour, and set the transparency level, as per your need.

Custom Brushes & The Brush Tool

As soon as you click on the brush tool at the top, you can see settings. These settings let you change the brush size, opacity, flow, and so on. Using a brush tool by creating a new layer is quite better. It will not change your original image and can be undone easily.

The Select Tool

The select tool allows you to make selections on your image. You can select particular graphics or elements of your image. Change the brightness level, add contrast, vibrance, hue and so on to your selected area by using the Select Tool.

When you click on the small triangle (bottom-right corner of the tool button), it opens up with some other selection tools.

The Select Tool

We can copy the selected area in Adobe Photoshop. But, for selecting an object or element, you must have the same layer selected.

Lasso Tool

We can also use this tool to make selections. By using this tool, you can select an area or element using your mouse. Here you draw the selection. This tool is in the toolbar. Lasso tool comprises two more tools that are accessible when you click on the small triangle in the right-bottom corner. One is the Polygonal Lasso Tool, and the other is the Magnetic Lasso tool.

Lasso Tool

We use these tools in removing backgrounds, making customised selections, making adjustments in a particular area of the image, and so on. If you want to make adjustments to any solid object, let us say, a cupboard, here you can use Polygonal Lasso Tool. With this tool, you can make a selection using straight lines. But, if you want to make adjustments where there are many edges, so there you will use the Magnetic Lasso tool.

The Healing Brush Tool

This tool is one of my favourite tools. The healing brush tool helps in removing the imperfections from the image. You can remove any unnecessary thing from your image by just using this tool. This tool is located in the Toolbar. This tool comprises three other tools.

Healing Brush Tool- Adobe-Photoshop

With this tool, you can remove imperfections like spots, scratches, blemishes, etc. from your image. By sampling the surrounding area, you can blend the imperfections into the rest of the image.

Other features of Adobe Photoshop

  • In Adobe Photoshop, you can find an adjustment block, where you can easily change brightness, contrast, vibrance, saturation, gradient, and so on.
  • It contains a lot of pre-defined photo effects or you can create them too.
  • Here you can easily change the resolution of the image.
  • Also, you can set the image size.
  • You can give your image a double exposure effect.
  • Removing background from the image is easy.

Practice can make a big difference. If you want to learn to use Adobe Photoshop so start practising on random images and explore what else you can do in Adobe Photoshop.

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Thank you for reading. If you find our article helpful, let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you have any suggestion, please tell us. Here are few recommendations for you.

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