Microsoft Edge Collections | How to use them?

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Microsoft created and developed Microsoft Edge. It is a cross-platform web browser and can replace Internet Explorer on Windows 7, and later versions. The chromium-based Edge has replaced Internet Explorer in Windows 11 as a default web browser. But, with compatibility with the Chrome web browser. Some features of Microsoft edge include collections, favourites, a PDF reader, etc. Collections in Microsoft Edge have made web research more effortless. Let’s learn to use them.

Creating New Microsoft Edge Collections

Open Microsoft Edge and hover your mouse to the top-right corner. There you will see an icon of collections between favourites and user profiles. Click on that icon.

Collection’s icon in Microsoft edge

By clicking on the collections’ icon, you will see its feature menu.

Now for creating a new Edge collection, click on “Start New Collection”. You can also give a name to your collection. By naming them, you can easily find them when you’ll get several collections. After entering the name, press Enter key.

And you are done! Now you can add web links and notes to this newly created collection.

How to Add Links and Notes to a Microsoft Edge collections?

If you want to add the current tab, you are using to your Edge collection then, click on the collection’s icon and select “Add Current Page” from the collections feature menu.

And for adding a note, click on the button that is on the right-side of “Add Current Page”.

Add a current tab to collections

By clicking on that button, you’ll be able to see a text box, with some formatting options like bold, italic, underline, alignment and uppercase or lowercase. Here you can add text, web links snippets, and images to your Edge collection.

For adding an image or web link, go to the webpage and just right-click after selecting any object, either image or web link. A menu will open, hover your mouse over “Add to Collection” and a sub-menu will appear. Then select your collection. This will add your selected object to your Edge collection.

Select and add objects to collections

How to Edit or Delete Saved Notes or Pages?

To edit or delete a saved web page or note in a Microsoft Edge collection, right-click on the entry in your Collections menu to bring up the options.

For editing the titles of your saved web pages, right-click and select “edit”. You can’t change the URL there, you can delete the page by clicking on “delete” and can create a new one by following the steps above.

The same goes for the notes, right-click a note entry and click the “Edit” button to make changes to it. And for deleting it, right-click and select the “delete” option.

Switch to Another or Delete Collection

The main collection feature menu will show you the list of all your collections. The collection menu will show the recent collection by default. So, for switching to another collection, click on the left-pointing arrow. In this way, you can go back to the main collection menu and switch your desired collection.

Go back to the main collection menu

And for deleting a collection, right-click on the entry in the main Collections menu. If you want to edit the name of the collection, then select “edit collection” and, for deleting it, select “delete collection”. In this way, your collection would be deleted entirely.


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