How to create multiple YouTube channels with a single Google account?

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Creating a Youtube channel and popularizing it, can be a good source of earning. You can showcase your skills and inspire others. So many people on Youtube have millions of subscribers, and they are earning through them. You can also create your own youtube channel and can have millions of subscribers, by delivering good quality content. You can provide education, share your recipes, share creative ideas, and many more. And if you have more than one skill you can create multiple channels. If you want to create multiple YouTube channels using a single account, here we have prepared a tutorial for you.

multiple YouTube channels using a single account

Create a Youtube Channel

  1. For having a YouTube channel, you must be having a Google or Youtube account.
  2. Open Youtube and Sign in to your account. (if you don’t have any, create one here).
  3. Click on your avatar.
  4. Then, select on Create a channel.
Create a Channel

5. Set a brand name for your channel.

6. Now click on Create.

Multiple YouTube channels using a single account

Now, if you have successfully created a YouTube channel and you want to create another one. So, follow these steps below.

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. In Account’s section, Click on Create a new Channel.

3. Then Type your brand name. And click Create.

4. And you’re done!

So, in this way, you can create multiple YouTube channels using a single account. Isn’t it easy? If you have more than one skill so what are you waiting for? showcasing them separately is a great idea. You can provide education in one, whereas in the other you can share your recipes, in another one you can share creative ideas and so on.

Benefits of having multiple YouTube channels using a single account

  1. Easy Searchability- It is easy for people to search and get desired content easily. Well arranged things, attract people more. Like if they have subscribed you, and searching for a recipe in your channel, isn’t it messy or confusing to have videos of different topic at a same place. In this case you can lose your subscribers.
  2. Brand Name- By posting videos of different niche you can set your image in more than one sphere. Your will be known by your brand name.
  3. More Audience- When people are interested in everything you post about, so they will subscribe all your channels. And in this way, you can get more audience in each of your channel.

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