New Features Of Your Favourite Apps-WhatsApp, Instagram, Google, Youtube

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Some popular apps like WhatsApp, Google, Instagram and Snapchat always keep their customers on priority. They keep on making changes and focus on the development of the app. After every update, these apps are getting better and more convenient. And because of this, these apps have become the favourite of all. So, let’s learn about the new features of your favourite apps so that you can utilise them in the best way.

Let’s begin with WhatsApp.

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It is the most popular messaging platform that has come a long way. WhatsApp is no more just a messaging app. It provided a platform for small-scale businesses. In the last year, WhatsApp introduced many new features like disappearing messages, a one-time view of an image, changing the speed of voice notes, and so on.

New Features of your favourite app-WhatsApp

Here are some other features that must know if you are using WhatsApp. Some features are already available in the beta version. And soon will roll out in the app.

  • Last Seen– WhatsApp now has a feature in which you can hide your ‘last seen’ from specific contacts.
  • Profile picture- Now you can choose to whom you want to show your profile picture on WhatsApp.
  • Delete Sent messages– Presently, WhatsApp has a time limit (68 minutes and 16 seconds) of deleting a message permanently from both ends. But it is expected that in the new update there’ll be no time limit to delete any message.
  • Multi-device support– You can use WhatsApp for up to 4 devices without keeping your phone online.
  • Community feature– This feature is of great use for businesses. Here, an admin can build multiple groups and form a community. It is like channels and discord groups. Like the chats in WhatsApp, messages in the community are also end-to-end encrypted.
  • WhatsApp Logout- Same as Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp now has a Log out button. This is helpful in setting up WhatsApp on multiple devices at the same time.

If we are talking about the new features of our favourite apps, how can we leave Instagram?

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If I talk about Instagram, it is the most popular social networking platform, with roughly one billion monthly active users. Instagram brings updates frequently. It always gives fine-tuning to the app on customers’ preferences. Before some time, Instagram added new features like Reels, a shop, and a guide that engaged customers on a larger scale.

New Features of your favourite app- Instagram

  • Chronological Feed- Instagram is going to bring back its chronological feed. However, it would differ slightly from the old one. There will be two different versions of the chronological feed. One, it will provide you with an option to choose your favourite and that content will be visible at the top. Another one will show the posts of accounts you are following in chronological order.
  • Sensitive Content– It rolled out a new feature that enables users to choose how much of potentially sensitive content appears in Explore.
  • Delete in bulk- Users can delete their posts, likes or comments in bulk.
  • New Parental Controls- Instagram introduced its new feature, where parents can see the time that teenagers are spending on Instagram and can set time limits.
  • Reply by making a reel- Now, users can reply to a comment on their own post by creating a reel.
  • Share others’ posts On Instagram, now you can share your saved, liked, or posts from the explore, directly within the chat.

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YouTube is most people’s favourite app with 1.86 Billion viewers. It made changes according to the viewers and authorities. Some new features are ready to use on YouTube, while some of them are still in progress. Let’s see what’s coming next on YouTube.

New Features of your favourite app- Youtube

  • Internationalisation– YouTube is offering translation possibilities to increase the reach of a single YouTube channel. Viewers are now able to translate live streaming subtitles and see translated video chapters.
  • Automated YouTube Chapters– Youtubers can add chapters to the video. But doing it manually can sometimes be time-consuming. So, YouTube is going to roll out its new feature that will add chapters automatically. This is another step toward making YouTube user-friendly. You can check the timestamps and can also disable them if they are incorrect.
  • New Monetisation Opportunities– YouTube is extending its monetisation opportunities for creators. Viewers would be able to directly pay the Youtubers for encouraging their work under regular videos.
  • Picture-in-picture mode– This feature is for iOS users who are YouTube Premium Subscribers. When enabled, the features allow its user to minimise the viewing window of YouTube. It can change the window into a mini player that sits atop of other apps.

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I don’t know about yours, but for me, Google is the solution. It is the most-used app. It is not only a search engine, but it opened up so many possibilities and made work easier. In past years, Google introduced so many new features here you can copy the text from the image, translate it, search for the related and whatnot.

New Features of your favourite app- Google

In this article-New features of your favourite apps, let’s learn about the new features of Google as well.

  • Get more from image extensions- This feature would be available on Google Ads. Search ads will be shown with an image extension on a desktop device, that will tell the customers about products and services one provides.
  • Widgets– Get your favourite things from Google apps on your home screen. Access your full library and check the progress of your audiobook through Google Play Books widget. Also, get playback controls and recently played right on your home screen by the YouTube Music widget. And the new Google Photos People & Pets widget will keep you closer to your dearest ones. Just select a few faces and Google do the rest for you.
  • Android Auto- You can now set Android Auto to launch automatically when you connect your Android phone to your compatible car. With Google’s smart reply feature, you can easily reply while driving, with just one tap after setting up android auto.
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