10 cool things to try with your Google Home.

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Your Google home speaker is great for listening to music, news, podcast, etc. But it also allows you to do so much more. From getting information about your day, dictating a recipe, playing a game, or telling a joke, it can do it all. So, in this article let’s learn 10 cool things that you should try with your Google Home.

10 cool things to try on Google Home

Let’s go ahead and see what are the things that you can try with your Google Home.

1. Listen to Audio:

Here are few cool and amazing things that you can try on your Google Home. You can also ask it to play ambient sound in the background. Just say “Hey Google, help me relax” or “Hey Google, play forest/nature/ocean sound”. You can even make it play white noise.

2. Plan your day:

Start your day off by saying “Hey Google, Good morning”, to hear traffic, weather and news report along with the list of your appointments, reminders and more. You can also ask for these things individually. If you need to find something nearby, just say for example “where is the nearest bakery?”

3. Control your TV:

If you’ve a Chromecast plugged in or built in to your T.V, you can easily control it with your Google Home speaker. If your Chromecast is plugged into a power socket (rather than USB), you can even use the speaker to turn your TV on and off. Just say, “.. turn off the TV” or “Turn my TV off”.

4. Find your phone:

Never lose your phone gain! Provided Voice Match is set up, you can ask your Google Assistant to ring your phone. To do this say, “Hey Google, find/ring my phone”. And your Google assistant will ring your phone, even if it’s set to “Do Not Disturb” mode.

5. Create Lists:

You can create a list in the Google Home app and then add to it using your Home speaker. Once you have a list created, just say, “Hey Google, add orange juice to my shopping list,” or “…add towels and rugs to my list”. For a remainder at any tome just say, “..what’s on my shopping list?”.

6. Cook:

You can find and make your favorite recipes using step-by-step cooking instructions from your Google Assistant. Perfect for cooking with messy hands! For example just say, “Hey Google, find a recipe fore pancakes”. You can then say “..prepare the ingredients,” for a list followed by “…start recipe”.

7. Manage Tasks:

You can easily set and ask about reminders by saying “Hey Google, remind me to..”. You can also use it to set timers and alarms by saying “Hey Google, set a remainder for 10 mins”. And if you want to check how much time is left then just say “…How much time is left?”. You can set alarms in the same way.

8. Control your Home:

If you have smart home devices such as smart plugs, a Nest thermostat or security cameras, you can link them to your Google Home and control them using your speaker. You will need to add the device in the Home app, and follow any instructions to set them up. You may also assign devices to a room.

9. Get answers:

You can ask Google Home to give you information the same way to search on Google Chrome. You can ask for information regarding everything from finance to sports. It can give you answers for calculations, translations and unit conversions as well. For example just ask, “How much is US dollars in Rupees?”. You can even ask for nutritional information, calorie, etc. on most type of foods and

10. Create routines:

You can customize existing pre-set routines in the Google Home app. Or you can create your own personalized routines from scratch , using vide variety of available actions. If you want to know how to create that then click here.


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