Top 8 most secure messaging apps in 2022

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Do you ever send sensitive personal information via text? Who doesn’t, right? Well, in today’s world it’s very necessary to use a secure messaging app that keeps your information private. So we’re about to share the top 8 most secure messaging apps in 2022 that will keep your conversation encrypted.

Encrypted messaging apps make it hard for anyone to eavesdrop on your private chats and calls. Most of the best encrypted messaging apps use end-to-end encryption that prevents our chats to be read even by the people running the app.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the list of some of the top 8 most secure messaging apps in 2022:

1. Telegram:

Telegram helps to connect with people all over the globe through a unique network of data centers. Telegram also uses end-to-end encryption. However, Telegram only uses this encryption in calls and its “secret chats” feature, not in regular chats. Moreover, it allows you to set an option to self-destruct your account too if needed, after a specified time duration.

most popular messaging apps of 2021
Telegram logo

Most students will find it very helpful as it’s easy to find pdf, notes and important documents of different subjects. Every feature in Telegram is smoother and faster compared to other apps. You can also get new movies, songs, and video clips in this app. Due to these features Telegram has over 1 billion downloads on Android.

To download Telegram on Android click here and for iOS click here.

2. Signal Private Messenger:

Millions of people use Signal for an instant, free, and encrypted communication. The Signal created an encryption protocol that is now recognized as the most secure protocol. It provides everything that a user might require to conversate, from group chats to sending photos and files to video chats. Signal also has a feature to disappear messages which is perfect for the conversation you don’t want to stay on record.

Signal Private Messenger
Signal Private Messenger logo

This app can also work as your default SMS app if you want to. But to ensure proper privacy, both you and the person you’re texting should have it installed. Although, Signal doesn’t provide the statistics of how many users it has but according to Google Play Store it has over 50 million downloads. Whereas Apple App Store doesn’t provide any such data. It’s absolutely free for both iOS and Android.

To download Signal from the Google Play Store click here and from the Apple App Store click here.

3. Threema:

Threema is a very secure end-to-end encrypted messaging app that uses the NaCl cryptography library to protect your communications. It generates a unique key that allows you to use the app anonymously. You’ll also get a scannable QR code that you can present to other Threema users if you meet in person but don’t want to exchange names. 

top 8 most secure messaging apps in 2022
Threema logo

But unlike most of the messaging apps featured here, Threema isn’t free. It comes at a cost of Rs.349. So if you don’t mind the price point Threema is a highly secure messaging app with a heavy emphasis on privacy.

To download the app from the Google Play Store click here and from the Apple App store click here.

4. WhatsApp Messenger:

I’m sure that you all are familiar with WhatsApp. With over 5 billion downloads, there’s very little that WhatsApp can’t do. WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption for messages by default, in fact, it uses a super- strong encryption protocol developed by Signal.

WhatsApp Logo
WhatsApp Logo

It also provides you with a number of features like video calls, group chats, location sharing, and the transfer of files of various types. There are broadcast features that help you to ping a lot of people at once. You can also start your business with WhatsApp Business App. If you want to know more about WhatsApp’s feature then click here & for WhatsApp business click here.

To download WhatsApp on Android click here and on iOS click here.

5. Silence:

Silence is the best secure chat program that ensures secure SMS/MMS features. This feature helps you to stay connected even without the internet. Moreover, you do not need to register or sign-up with any login credentials. 

Top 8 most secure app in 2022
Silence logo

Silence works just like your normal text messaging app, sending normal text messages to your contacts through SMS, with the option of sending encrypted SMS messages to other Silence users. If the other party does not have the app installed, you can still communicate with them like a regular SMS application.

To download Silence from the Google Play Store click here.

6. Viber Messenger:

Viber is a cross-platform encrypted messaging app that was initially available only for iPhone but it entered the Android market in 2012. It was initially launched as a VoIP application for voice calling, much like Skype, but it added a few more features such as text messages and stickers.

Viber logo
Viber logo

With Viber, you can do more than call or message individual people- the app accommodates group texts for up to 250 people and group calls for up to 20 people at once. The app also has a personalized news feed feature. You can customize the news sources you’re interested in and browse headlines and stories from within the messaging app.

You can get Viber either from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store.

7. Wickr Me- Private Messenger:

In this list of the top 8 most secure messaging apps Wickr Me comes 7th. Wickr Me is a version of Wickr that gives individuals free, secure, and anonymous messaging capabilities. It offers pretty much everything you could ask for in a secure personal messenger. You get a full range of message types, from text chats through one-on-one video calls, group messaging, and file and location sharing.

Wickr-Me logo
Wickr-Me logo

This sounds pretty standard for a top-end messaging app but it differs from most of the apps in this list in one important way. The messages on this app are ephemeral that is (i.e.) they disappear/ self-destruct after a set amount of time, like Snapchat.

You can get Wickr Me from the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store and it’s also available on Windows and Linux operating systems.

8. Discord:

Discord is a VoIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution platform. It gives users access to tools focused around communication services like voice and video calls, persistent chat rooms, and integrations along with the ability to send direct messages and make personal groups. Although Discord services may initially seem directed only towards gamers, in recent years several new updates have made it more useful for the general population.

Discord Logo
Discord Logo

Discord supports many basic security features, such as Two-Factor Authentication and the use of Strong Passwords, to make your account more secure. It’s probably fair to say that how secure Discord is, depends a little bit on what you intend to use it for. It’s “secure enough” to chat normally but you might not wanna use it to transfer sensitive business information. But it’s worth giving a try and so is here on this list.

To download it from the Google Play Store click here and from the Apple App Store click here.

I hope this list of “Top 8 most secure messaging apps in 2022” was helpful for you guys. If it was then do let us know in the comments down below. Also, do let us know what other content you’re interested in and we’ll make an article for that.

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  1. That’s really great to see that encryption level of different applications is only improving with time. But messengers you’ve mentioned are not really top picks. Most of all had numerous data leak scandals and that’s not how it should really work. I’ve heard that Utopia p2p just launched the beta version of mobile application And the thing is that I use it for 2 years on desktop and it seems to be one of the most encrypted messengers for today.

    • Hi Viola,
      Thanks for the comment and for telling us about utopia.
      However, let me allow to disagree that it is top (Or others are not top picks). I never heard about utopia earlier and AFAIK, none of my friends. I read about it and it seems very good in encryption. However, I can’t use a messenger when I don’t have any friends/family on the platform.
      Still, it seems it may have more users in the future and will be on my radar. With your comment, it is already added to the above list for others to read/find.

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