iPhone 14- Expected price, features and release date

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The new iPhone 14 Pro is rumoured to get launched. Here, we collected all the expected features, expected price and release date as well.

This year also, Apple will introduce new models of iPhone; iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro max. The iPhone14 Pro is a successor to the iPhone13 pro. These new 2022 iPhone standard models will have some similar features that iPhone 13 models has.

Apple’s iPhone 14 still has months to launch, but the features are being rumoured with the launch of the iPhone 13. And, it is rumoured that this time Apple is going to increase the screen size of its flagship phones. Because mini phones are now quite unpopular.

Recently, Apple launched iPhone SE 3 the only 5G phone by the company at that price. Check its specifications and price here.

The standard iPhone14 models will have the same standard notch. But, the iPhone14 Pro can be seen with a slight difference. Before going into the detail, let’s see their expected prices.

Expected Prices of iPhone 14 models

The price range of Apple phones mostly remained the same for years. Similarly, there isn’t going to be a big change in the pricing of these new upcoming models.

The iPhone14 might cost around $799, iPhone14 Pro could be $999 and iPhone14 Max could be $899. The price may differ a bit at the time of actual release.

iphone 14


After examining the design pattern, we concluded that iPhones have been seen with similar designs for three to four years. Like the iPhone 13 models, these new iPhone models are also expected to have the same flat-edged design.

There were also some rumours that claimed, these models will have no rear camera bumps, also the volume buttons would be rounded. But, few other updates marked these rumours incorrect.

The size of the iPhones in this model would be larger than the previous models. Also, there’ll be no iPhone14 mini. As we stated earlier, iPhone is now focusing more on the large-screen phones, therefore iPhone13 mini is said to be the last one.

The screen size of these models is expected to be, 6.1 for iPhone14 and iPhone14 Pro, and 6.7 for iPhone14 Max and iPhone14 Pro Max.

More on, the upcoming models of iPhone14 are expected to be seen in high-end Titanium alloy body. As Titanium is more resistant to scratches and it is more strong, therefore Apple is introducing the titanium bodies for the first time.


iPhone 13 models were available in colours; Gold, Graphite, Silver, and Sierra Blue. This year, the standard iPhones would have these colours available; graphite, gold, silver and purple. While the iPhone14 Max and iPhone14 Pro Max are expected to be available in Black, white, red, blue, and purple.


There can be seen a big change in the camera of the Pro models of iPhone14. It is rumoured that these models will feature a 48-Megapixel camera. It would be larger than the camera sensor of iPhone13 Pro.

Chip and RAM

According to various reports, it is confirmed that only the iPhone pro models of 2022 will be powered with the super-powerful A16 chip. Other than this, the standard iPhone14 will have the same A15 Bionic chipset that iPhone 13 had.

The Pro models are expected to have the same 6GB RAM as in iPhone 13 Pro models. Most of the expected specifications and rumours are about the iPhone’s pro models of 2022. Also, there would be a big change in the battery life of these iPhone models.

SIM Slot

The iPhone 14 models will have no physical SIM slot. It means the new iPhone models will support an e-SIM. But, many countries aren’t yet ready to adopt an e-SIM, for them they’ll be an optional version of iPhone 14 available.

Want to know about an e-SIM? Click here.

iPhone 14 launch date

Mostly Apple introduces iPhones in the events in first or second week of September. This time also it is expected that the new models of iPhone14 are more likely to launch in September 2022.

General specifications of iPhone 14

These are some expected and unofficial general specifications of iPhone14.

  • RAM- 4GB
  • Internal storage- 64GB
  • Processor- A15 Bionic
  • Rear camera- 12MP+12MP
  • Front camera- 12MP+SL 3D
  • Battery- 3115mAh
  • Display- 6.1 inches

So, these were some expected features, changes, specifications and release date of iPhone14 models. They might differ slightly after the actual release.

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