Future of smartphones in 2030

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Over the years, one device has become an alternative for various devices- camera, calendar, watch, T.V and more. Smartphones have grown tremendously over the past decade and whatever seemed to be fictional is now a reality. Thus, this obliges us to think about what more can happen, how will the future of smartphones look like in 2030.

The first smartphone was introduced in 2000 with one camera and a couple of smart features. In just a few years, most of the consumers had it in their hands, and today we can’t even imagine our lives without it. It all started with a touch and now we have smartphones with foldable displays. This evolution is so fascinating and makes us think about what’s next.

Future of smartphones in 2030-

Future Displays: Foldable, Flexible, and what more?

In 2018, foldable displays entered the market. Before any mainstream tech company was ready to show off a folding phone,¬†we had the Royole FlexPai. Royole is a Chinese electronics brand that was founded in 2012. And while you may not have ever heard of the company, it’s noteworthy for the fact that the FlexPai was the world’s first folding smartphone.

Royole does deserve credit for getting a foldable phone on the market so early on. But as devices like the Galaxy Fold and Z Flip proved, sometimes it’s better to wait a little while than jump the gun.

Yes, foldable phones were largely considered interesting but unfortunately, they failed to attract the masses because they were expensive. In the future, hopefully, these phones become more affordable.

We have seen foldable phones, but in the near future, we might be able to see multi-folding phones. Oppo has filed patents for a triple-folding phone. With the first slide, the phone will reveal 40mm of the screen that’s just enough to view the time, call history & notifications. The next slide will open up 80mm of the screen as well as the camera. The phone, in its completely unfolded state, will measure a total of 7-inches.

Can we expect holographic displays? We have seen the holographic screen in fantasy films but no real products. Holographic phones can become reality one day. Especially if the Holoflex prototype showcased by researchers from Queen’s University in Canada is anything to go by. However, Holoflex is still in development and won’t be available any time soon.

Few issues:

But before these concepts really take off, a couple of things need to be figured out, starting with the price issues. We all are aware of the fact that folding phones are expensive and not many people can afford them. Durability is also a major concern as foldable or flex devices require more flexible screens along with hinges and moving parts. Having multiple hinges can raise difficulties to seal the phone against water and dust. Samsung has done a really good job with its foldable devices. But many more solutions will be needed for screens that roll and flex.

Solar-powered phones?

Though the companies are trying to make their device more environment-friendly, it is yet a dream come true. However, with the latest tech development in solar panels, solar-powered phones could become reality soon.

“Solar Ink”, a team of Australian scientists from CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) has been working with Universities of Monash and Melbourne to develop printable solar panels. By printable, you can understand how flexible it could be. However, these printable solar panels are 10 times less efficient than most solar panels currently available in the market. Yet, it can be a good alternative to a power source. Nevertheless, the team is working to enhance the efficiency of the technology before it comes into the market.

Hide the front camera:

We all see a punch hole in the display or notch for the front camera at present. Shortly, phones will have none of the above as manufacturers are trying to hide the camera under the display. Oppo has already shown off this technology and other companies are working on it too. This will help to hide the camera beneath the screen, saving the screen space.

We also know that the quad-camera setup is also here, but the future might hold an even higher number of sensors. There are so many different kinds of lenses already and adding more lenses will be nothing new. However, the megapixel count war is still on. The highest resolution in a smartphone today is 108MP, but it looks like many phones in the future are gearing up to the match or even exceeding that.

Be ready to get higher MP counts even with an entire multi-camera setup too. Nowadays only the primary camera is holding higher MP counts but we can expect to see higher MP counts in secondary cameras as well.

No ports please!

We have already seen phones without the 3.5mm jack. Hence, it would be no surprise if phones drop the charging ports altogether. Be prepared to see a phone without any port for connectivity or charging. For other connectivity requirements like data transfer, we use cable and plug to the phone and computer. We’ve already seen a few prototype phones without any ports sharing all the data and file over Wi-Fi, mobile data, or NFC option to a computer.

Similarly, we have seen wireless charging technology with smartphones. It’s likely as wireless chargers get more popular and faster at charging devices, people will rely less on physical wires. So in the future, a phone without any port can become a reality and you can perform all the tasks without any wire.

Can a phone be controlled with mind?

Mobile phones have evolved a lot in the past decade. Today, we can use our voice to interact with our mobile phones. So it won’t be any surprise if we’ll be able to control our phones with our minds. Maybe the evolution in mind-control technology will someday allow users to perform every task with their voice or mind. Imagine how exciting it’ll be to open an app, order food, play games, edit pictures with just your mind.

What do you think about how the future of smartphones in 2030 will look like? Let us know in the comments down below.

This is what we think the future of smartphone will look like. If you have any more ideas to share then comment down below and also let us know if you agree with us or not. 

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