5 reasons to buy desktop in 2022 

reasons to buy desktop

We can never run out of reasons to buy a good desktop. The avalanche of smartphones, tablets, and ultra-light laptops available in the market has led to fewer people buying desktop PCs for their homes, but the move to mobile brings headaches of its own.  Portable devices are very personal. This means you generally need … Read more

JavaScript Crash Course; const keyword


Welcome to the JavaScript Crash course; const keyword. In this article, we will understand the basics of new ‘const’ keyword in ES6. Important note: This post is the part of ES 6+ crash course / Modern JavaScript Refresher. Please click here to check other articles of the series. The ‘const’ keyword was introduced in Java Script with ES 6, … Read more

Why Indian microprocessor is behind?

Why Indian microprocessor industry is behind

The fast-paced technology is getting larger. Indian smartphones and gadgets are also holding a huge audience. But, do you know the Indian microprocessor industry is far left behind. India does not make microprocessors. Although the valuation of the semiconductor industry is at 500 Billion Dollars and holds 17% of GDP, then why? So, in this … Read more

How to encrypt files on Windows?

encrypt files on Windows

In this article, we will learn to encrypt files on Windows. Before proceeding further, lets us understand the meaning of encryption. Encryption is a term that refers to the process of securing data. It is the process of converting text, speech, or video into ciphertext. It is a way of scrambling data so that only … Read more

Remove Bloatware from Windows 11

remove bloatware from Windows 11

Before we learn to remove bloatware, let us understand what does it mean. Bloatware is a term that refers to software that is installed on your computer without your permission. They are frequently pre-installed as part of your operating system. These can also be installed by the user inadvertently on occasion.   These apps clog … Read more

10 must-read books for a Software Engineer

10 must read books for Software Engineers

There are many good resources available for Software Engineers. Resources like YouTube, Blogs, Online courses, Podcasts, etc made acquiring new skills very easily. When it comes to sharpening your basic concepts, books are still one of the best choices. In the rapidly changing technology world, finding good books, which are not obsolete, is not easy. … Read more

Everything about 5G in India

everything about 5g in India

Here’s everything you need to know about 5G in India. – What it is, the journey of 5G, when will it launch in India, and lastly what it is capable of? The 5G spectrum auction is likely to take place by April-May 2022. The final date will be announced after the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India … Read more

4G v/s 5G: difference between the network generation

4G v/s 5G

3G, 4G, 5G, what does the G mean? It refers to the generation of cellular network technology. Every decade, the cellular industry performs a major upgrade to its wireless infrastructure. It’s more than just how much faster it is (just because it’s a new generation doesn’t mean that it’s just “faster”). There’s a lot more … Read more