5 reasons to buy desktop in 2022 

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We can never run out of reasons to buy a good desktop. The avalanche of smartphones, tablets, and ultra-light laptops available in the market has led to fewer people buying desktop PCs for their homes, but the move to mobile brings headaches of its own. 

Portable devices are very personal. This means you generally need one for every person in the house, and they need charging and maintenance. They’re not ergonomic to use for long periods of time. Their ability to move around with you is great. But within the home, that means you are never not looking at a screen, a problem that is not limited to children and adolescents. 

While laptops remain a popular computing solution for many, especially companies with team members who are in the field a lot, the reality is that desktop computers offer numerous advantages over laptops for professional applications. Whether your business trades in words, numbers, images, or some combination of the three, the power, durability, and flexibility that desktops provide make them the best choices to deliver the specs your day-to-day operations demand. Let us go through these top 5 reasons as to why you should buy a desktop computer.

1. Power 

Simply put, desktops are more powerful than laptops. This is due mainly to the computer’s size, heat output, and power consumption. Additionally, desktops simply have better specs and run faster and smoother than laptops. Industry research shows that desktop computers are equipped with more impressive processors and have better overall speeds. Even with similar model numbers, laptops are not as powerful as desktops. 

While laptops offer the convenience of portability, only desktops provide the adequate computing power required for more substantial tasks. Desktops are best for tasks like running complex healthcare applications, managing enterprise data storage solutions, or running powerful design programs. 

2. Yes, video games, obviously.

The clearest advantage of a desktop’s extra power and stability, unless you’re doing high-end graphics or video work, is in gaming. But a few things have changed in recent years that make this fact relevant for a lot more people. Games are transitioning from a retail model to a Netflix-style subscription model, which is great for people who want an instant and vast library of games, and a PC offers the most choice. This seems like one of the most compelling reasons for you to buy a new and powerful desktop.

PC Game Pass has all of Microsoft’s own games and a hundred more. EA and Ubisoft offer all their games on subscription, and even the charity-focused Humble Bundle has a subscription tier. 

A powerful PC can cost more than twice what you’d pay for the latest game console. But, between sales and subscriptions, you can save a lot on games. Moreover, a PC is also your general computing or work machine. Both Xbox and PS games are now being published on PC, so it’s essentially a machine to play most games. 

The other thing to consider is virtual reality. VR has had a massive spike in popularity. The prime reason is new headsets that don’t need to be connected to a PC or external gear. The most impressive and complex (and most numerous) collection of VR experiences is on computers.

3. Durability 

Since desktops are larger and easier to cool, thermal damage is much less of a threat to their components than it is for laptops. Superior temperature control means computer parts last longer. Also, solid-state drives (SSDs) fight the effects of time much longer than conventional spinning platter hard drives. Fewer moving parts mean significantly lower chance of mechanical failure. For these reasons and more, desktop computers win over laptops by presenting components that can better withstand the test of time. Your hardware investments will east up less of your bottom line. 

4. Upgrades & Repairs 

Laptops generally need to be replaced more frequently than desktops, especially if you’re looking to upgrade. And the cost of replacement units comes straight out of your company’s bottom line. Because it is much easier to upgrade desktops, the full-size machines provide a better option once again. You have the option of upgrading unique parts in a desktop, while you would have to buy a whole new laptop for the same performance, as most laptops limit their upgrade options to just memory and storage. 

If you run a business that requires multiple computers for your employees, the ability to upgrade desktops makes them a far more cost-effective IT solution compared to laptops. This frees up resources that you can invest in additional office technology to make your workplace more productive. 

Just like with upgrades, desktops make it possible to conduct a few repairs and increase the lifespan of your machine. You can replace virtually any part of the desktop and still keep the entire unit. This option is severely limited, if not impossible, on the laptop counterparts. 

5. More Cost-Effective 

Overall, desktops provide a better option for the reasons cited above. Another crucial advantage is the fact that they tend to be significantly less expensive out-of-the-box. While retailers often sell laptops at a premium (often due to their portability, which, as we’ve noted, has pros and cons), desktops that offer more power, durability, and flexibility are available at a relatively lower price point. They have increased longevity. The upgrade and repair of a desktop is far easier than a laptop. Therefore, it is easy to see why a desktop is a more cost-effective choice when it comes to professional computing. 

Small and slim desktop options, including NUCs, are available. These do not take up too much space in your work area. A large variety of options are available to upgrade your company’s workstations. It helps in attaining maximum productivity for each of your employees individually and for your company as a whole. 

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