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WhatsApp was previously a platform where family and friends chat with each other. But with passing time, people started using it for a different purpose, and that is business. Consumers started engaging, and hence the simple messaging app has now become a Business Platform. Do you want to run your business through WhatsApp? Want to target customers or their activities? Want the desired outcome? So opt for a Business Solution Provider.

What is a Business Solution Provider?

These are third-party applications that integrate the tools and options on your WhatsApp and make it perfect for managing your business. Simply, we can say these are solution providers that help in managing customers on a larger scale. They are a complete package of tools that will help you communicate with your customers easily.

There are many Business Solution Providers. They are messaging experts in enterprise business to customer communications. You can become their partner, and your communication with customers will become easy.

WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API is a WhatsApp Business Platform. It allows businesses to communicate with customers on a scale, globally. It is designed for the ease of small-scale businesses and enterprises. There are two ways of using API. One is using a Business Solution Provider (BSP) or Direct Integration.

Business Solution Provider- WhatsApp API

In Direct Integration, a business directly installs the API client on their servers.

While, by using a Business Service Provider, you can become a partner of third-party BSP of WhatsApp that hosts the WhatsApp Business API client. And in this way, your chosen Business Service Provider will host your WhatsApp Business.

Requirement for setting-up WhatsApp Business API

For using WhatsApp Business API, you must have the following assets.

  • Facebook Business Manager Account– By using this account, you will be able to manage your Facebook account easily. It contains message templates, so that you can send notifications to your customers in a little time.
    • To create a Business Manager:
  1. Go to
  2. Click Create account.
  3. Enter a name for your business, your name and work email address and click Next.
  4. Enter your business details and click Submit.
  • WhatsApp Business Account– A WhatsApp business account will help you in using WhatsApp API client to communicate with your customers. By having this account, you can create your identity. As well as, people can know more about your business as soon as they open your profile. Like your address, working hours, description, and website.
  • Line of Credit– To secure a payment method, you must set up and attach a line of credit to your WhatsApp business account. But each legal entity can request only one line of credit.

Set-up a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Top three BSP companies for WhatsApp

Here we mentioned the top 3 companies that provide WhatsApp solutions for your business.

Whizard WhastApp Solution

Whizard works toward automating your Customer Service Processes and Lead Generation Strategy. It will link your CRMs, Advertising Software and other tools to do so. Whizard has decreased manual efforts by 95% and provides solutions based on the preferences, needs, or searches of the customers. Therefore, it could be a brilliant choice if any organisation needs an automated WhatsApp response system.


Another BSP that we are going to talk about is Haptik. It uses artificial intelligence and puts customers first. It gets input from the customer and provides problem-solving responses. By using Haptik, you can create your own Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

Yellow AI

Yellow AI helps you get your own WhatsApp business account to deliver a multi-channel experience to customers. It also suggests customers with similar products and increases sales. This WhatsApp chatbot helps you deflect up to 65% of queries and reduces operational costs by 30%.


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