How to Create a Twitter Account?

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. It has 211 million users from all around the world. Creating an account on Twitter is quite easy. A Twitter account can be created using a mobile phone as well as a desktop. Here we’ll show you that how you can create a Twitter account.

Create a Twitter Account on your Desktop

So let’s start,

  1. Open Twitter on Chrome or any other browser. Or download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App store.

2. Then click on the blue button ‘Sign up with phone or email’.

3. A new dialogue box will appear.


4. Fill in your name and Phone number. You can also use your email instead of using your phone number.

5. Set your Date Of Birth. And Then click on ‘Next’.

6. Another dialogue box will appear, in which Twitter will ask you to allow using your data. It will help them to personalize your experience. Again click on ‘Next’.

7. Now, review your detail and then click on ‘Sign up’.


8. After that Twitter will send you a verification code on your phone number or email. So, check and click ‘okay’, if the phone number or email you provided is correct.

9. Now, Fill in the Verification Code and click ‘Next’.

Verification-for twitter-account

10. After this a new dialogue box will appear. Here, you need to set a password for your Twitter account. I suggest you create a strong password. And it should be 8 characters or more than that.

Then, click on ‘Next’.

Now set up your Twitter account

11. Set a Profile Picture or you can skip it for now.

12. You can describe yourself. It will be visible on your Profile. Write something about yourself. Or you can skip it for now.

13. Now, you have to set a unique username for your Twitter account. Twitter will give you some recommendations for setting a username.

After setting a username, click ‘Next’.


14. After that, Twitter will ask you to turn on the notifications. So, select ‘Allow notification’. Through this, Twitter will always push you notifications about new activities on your account.

15. Now, Twitter will ask you to choose your languages. You’ll be able to see Tweets, people, and trends in languages you choose. After choosing your languages, click on ‘Next’.


16. After clicking on ‘Next’, you can choose the topics you are interested in. Twitter will show you things based on the topics you choose. Choose your interests and then, click on ‘Next’.

what do you want to see on twitter?

17. Follow people, to view their tweets in your timeline.

Twitter account
And It’s Done!

For creating your own Twitter account you must be 18 years old or above. Find and follow people on Twitter, to get their tweets on your timeline. You can also unfollow them anytime.

I hope it was helpful. If it was the, do let us know in the comments below. Also if you are interested in such articles so, here are few recommendations for you.

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