New features of your favorite websites

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We are so swamped with new additions of technology that we miss many new features adding up on our favorite websites. It is indeed hard to keep track of all that. Therefore, we have come up with this article to update you on all the new features of your favorite websites.

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New features of your favorite websites

This is one of the most favorite websites of all the generations, be it young or old and it never fails to add new features every now and then. It has many moving parts that marketers must keep up with if they want to take advantage of all of the features. 

It has released a revised appearance for Pages, as well as new capabilities to aid community building and commercial goals. 

The emphasis on followers rather than likes is another noticeable adjustment to Page layouts. Users will no longer be able to see how many likes a page has received; instead, they will see the total number of followers. The number of people who signs up to receive updates from the Page is a very important metric. 

Another modification to Page layouts makes it easy for people to see who is in charge. The bios of Page managers are now easier to find. The advantage is that you may now see postings from those categories and also post to the groups you’ve chosen. It provides you with material tailored to those categories.

To organize your news feed:

  • Go to Newsfeed Preferences
  • Select who and what content you want to see,
  • And who and what content you don’t want to see.  

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The message is a brand-new feature 

Bots, in particular, are making a comeback, thanks to a third-party app called Many Chats. You can grow your list of subscribers and communicate with them in real-time via your mobile devices. Messenger and Bots have a 99.9% open rate. It makes them an excellent tool to use for your business when compared to email marketing. 

Music without a Royalty  

This is one of my favorite features; you no longer have to be concerned about our posts or videos being removed due to copyright infringement. The sound collection may now be found in your publishing tools. Thousands of royalty-free tracks are available for you to download and use in your videos. Facebook, thank you! 

Live streaming of Multiple Pages 

The ability to live stream to numerous pages, known as cross-promoting, is a cool new tool. You must first go to settings, cross-posting, and then select a page to promote in order to use this feature.

The advantage is that you won’t have to share the initial live post, and the views will be calculated across all shared postings, giving you more information on the video. The disadvantage is that the original video will not appear on the cross-promotional page, and the comments on the pages you share will not appear on the original post. 

This is a fantastic feature that will allow you to collaborate with other pages while also enhancing your own identity. 

Contact information from the past 

When we die, what happens to our Facebook accounts? Now, similar to a will, Facebook has created the Legacy Contact button. It allows us to provide one of our Facebook friends access to our account after we pass away. 

Scroll down to your personal profile’s settings to grant access to your Legacy contact. 

Although no one wants to think of death, it would be good if our legacy could live on and others could view our words, ideas, and images. 

New features of your favorite websites

This is what the new “Quote Tweet with Reaction” option is all about. It allows users to record a response to a tweet using the full-screen camera mode.

Twitter’s Explore Page has been changed to conform to the new trend of vertically bigger visual designs across social networks. This makes it easier for users to scroll through and remain up to speed with the latest news. 

These new capabilities will provide users with more opportunities to be creative and generate more responses. This, in turn, results in increased engagement and drives increased interest in different display uses. 

It is working hard to innovate and introduce a slew of new features in the coming year as it pursues its goal of reaching 315 million active users by 2023. 

It is now experimenting with a new text editor that will allow users to add more color and visual appeal to tweets and comments. The initiative’s goal is to make the platform more visually appealing and increase content interaction once more. 

Here’s what’s coming up for Twitter — and no, there’s no edit option yet. 

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Communities on Twitter 

Twitter Communities is a brand-new feature that allows users to form and join groups to discuss specific topics. The Subreddit/Facebook Group alternative further separates Twitter feeds by allowing users to contribute posts directly to a community rather than making them public. 

There’s even a Twitter community for Interhacktives! The capacity to form these Communities is likewise limited, with people who signed up for the Pilot scheme receiving emails regularly. 

Downvotes on Twitter 

Twitter has begun rolling out downvotes for some users, which is perhaps the most contentious of the new features (except NFTs). They are not visible, unlike likes or retweets, or Reddit’s downvotes. These will assist determine whether the information is relevant, and users are encouraged to downvote stuff that “isn’t adding to the discourse.” 

Flock on Twitter 

The Twitter Flock function may be the answer for lucky Twitter users with an excessive number of followers, or for those who want to share content with a small group of close pals. 

You can share information anonymously with a group of up to 150 people using Twitter Flock.

New features of your favorite websites

As Pinterest wants to keep up with the trends and popular formats on other social media platforms, they are giving a lot more space in search results and the feed to Idea Pins (previously called Story pins). This type of pin doesn’t allow content creators to add direct links to their pages, so they are not generating as much traffic as image pins.  

On the other hand, since so much space is given to Idea pins, regular pins are not getting as many eyes and clicks as they used to. Idea pins can bring traffic indirectly – users would have to click on the Pinterest profile that created the pin, and from there they might end up on your website’s homepage. This traffic can bounce quickly if your homepage has nothing to do with the Idea pin they came from but if your homepage is captivating or if you have a sign-up form on it, you could even grow your email list using the Idea pins.  

How did Pinterest work before?

The platform showed users more of the content that they typically click on, so it was based on the history of users’ activity on Pinterest.  

The new algorithm will not replace the old one. It will just work on top of it. First, it will build the home feed for each user based on previous behavior and then apply controllable distribution. 

For example, it can specify that 4% of a users’ home feed should contain video pins even if the user never clicks on videos.  

What does it mean for content creators and businesses promoting on this platform? It means, we’ll have to experiment more with video pins and other new formats that Pinterest is introducing (for example, check Story pins if they are already available on your account). 


This might be one of your favorite websites if you are looking for a job and trust me it has got amazing features. LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps. It is the most trusted job app and network, enabling you to instantly and easily build connections, find the right career, and discover business news for every industry. Find a job by going through millions of business connections and career opportunities. Find jobs in India and around the world that are right for you, in any industry, with work-from-home options.

Control who can see your connections 

Ever worried that your competitors might poach your clients, partners, and employees? LinkedIn gives you the option to prevent this with a feature to control who can see your connections. 

This lets you prevent competitors from preying on the valuable connections you’ve built and nurtured over the years. 

To do this, go to your “Settings & Privacy” page. Under the “Visibility” tab, select “Who can see your connections.” You can limit the visibility of your connections to “Only you.” 
Save your searches 

You may spend a lot of time searching for people on LinkedIn as a part of your lead generation efforts. Perhaps you may be looking for prospective leads to build a connection with or include in your InMail campaigns. 

To make sure that you don’t have to conduct a new search every time, LinkedIn lets you save your searches. Using this LinkedIn feature, you can easily run previous searches without having to enter the criteria all over again. 

Plus, you can set up search alerts and get a weekly email reminder when someone matches the criteria for your saved searches. 

If you have a free LinkedIn account, you can only send messages to your connections. That means you’ll have to send a connect request to get in touch with someone who isn’t already a connection. 

But what if you don’t necessarily want to connect with someone, such as a lead you’re following up on or a prospective candidate, and you still want to send them a message? 

One workaround is to join the same group as the person you want to message. From the group page, select the option to “See all” members. 

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