6 Android features that iPhone doesn’t have!

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Android v/s iPhone- the question of the ages and we’re probably never gonna get an answer. Of course, Android and iPhone have become a lot more similar over the years rather than different. So today we’re gonna talk about features that Android has but iPhone doesn’t.

Android features that iPhone doesn’t have:

This article is not to for comparison purposes but to only give knowledge. now let’s go ahead and see the list of Android features that the iPhone doesn’t have. If you want to read about iPhone features that Android doesn’t have then click here.

1. Multiple Users and Guests:

Multiple users’ and guests accounts are something that has never been available on iPhone. As the name suggests, you can basically create multiple user accounts on your Android device just like your computer. So you can log in and each person can have their password, their own files, text messages, etc. Between each user, the data is gonna be separated. And users can install apps separately, so if one user installs an app the other user won’t get that app installed on their account. However, if both accounts have the app installed then the updates will be shared. There are couple more settings that might be shared between accounts like Wi-Fi and, Bluetooth.

2. Full USB Access:

With iOS, when you plug in the iPhone within the computer, it asks you to if you wanna trust the computer and give you access to only the camera’s folder. Whereas on Android, there is different setting like you can set your USB preferences to transfer a file, only charge, no data transfer, etc. Obviously, there are some exceptions like no system files.

3. Home Screen Customization:

On iOS, there are no widgets that you can put on the home screen but with android, you can customize so much. You can change the entire theme of the phone assuming your phone allows that. The differences are huge and can totally change the feel and look of your phone. But in terms of other customization, you can add widgets, add different kinds of shortcuts.

4. Default Apps:

Another android feature that iPhone doesn’t have is the default app selection. So with iOS, you can’t really change the default of certain types of apps. For example, you can’t change the phone app or the text message app to be different but you can do it on Android. There’s one popular alternative app for messaging on Android named Textra. That allows you to do so much more customization. Now there are some limited selections for default apps on iOS that you can choose on the default photos app but it’s not nearly as extensive as it is on Android.

5. Side-Loading Apps:

On iOS, you’re restricted to using the Apple App store, you can sideload the app if you have a developer account, etc. but it’s a lot more difficult. Whereas in Android, you can sideload apps not only from the Google Play store but you can actually use other play stores. For example, Amazon has its own app store that is completely separate from the Google Play store. Or you can install any app which isn’t from any app store just by enabling your phone to allow installing unknown apps.

6. Expandable storage:

Expandable storage is a feature that has never been available on iPhone. Whereas on Android, if you want more storage then you can add an SD card in the SD slot that is provided in most of the devices.

These were a few of the many features that we wanted to describe. Other features may include Always-On Display or Notification Light, Headphone Jack, etc.


I hope this article was helpful and helped you to gain some knowledge. If it did then do let us know in the comments down below. Also, if you're interested in similar articles then here are a few recommendations for you guys.

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