10 Android features that can save you a lot of time.

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If you’re an android user and you want to do things that 90% of android users don’t even know about then you’re at the right place. In this article we’re going to talk about 10 different android features which are unique, useful, and will save a lot of time and storage on your phone.

10 Android features

Let us go through 10 useful android features that might help us in our day-to-day life.

1. Live Captions:

In today’s world, video consumption has increased so much. A lot of time, we do not want to hear the audio, just watch the video. But we at least need the captions to know what conversation is going on. To help you out with that, there’s a feature called “Live Caption”. To enable the option go to “Settings” -> “Accessibility” -> “Hearing enhancement” and finally click on “Live Caption” to on it. This way you won’t be able to hear the audio but the caption will appear automatically.

2. Chrome Hidden Settings:

After browsing through chrome for a very long time, all the data that you’ve consumed gets download which take up a lot of your storage. So to avoid this go to “Chrome settings” ->“Site settings” -> “Data Stored”. From there you can delete your stored data. However, it has a disadvantage too. One of them is that Chrome won’t remember any of your Email IDs and passwords. You have to login to all the websites again.

3. Turn Off Sensors:

This is a feature which very few people might know about but can be extremely useful if you’re concerned about your privacy. At once, you can turn off all your sensors. Yes, it can be very useful during important meetings, or even when you’re studying. To do so go to “Settings” -> “Developer options” -> “Quick setting developer tiles” -> “Sensors off”. That’s how you can turn off all the sensors. It is not easy to find “Developer option” since it’s a hidden feature. To find it go to “About Phone” and click on “Build number” seven times. After that you’ll be able to see an option for “Developer Option”

4. Google Lens to the rescue:

You might not have heard a lot of people talk about it but it’s been getting smarter over the period of time. You can now use it to scan everything from a monument to fruits and vegetables. Along with that the app can also translate text in real time. Another thing that you can do with Google Lens is to add a photo of texts and then it instantly becomes editable. You can copy, share or even find out more about specific parts of it.

5. Quick charging:

Turn off the sound on your phone so that the charge last longer. The phone will charge quicker if you do it through an outlet than charging it through some other device. Also, remove the cover while charging the phone so that the heat can freely escape through the phone body instead of accumulating inside the case.

6. Android Permission Manager:

Today’s apps take a lot of unnecessary permission and we also click on “Allows” which gives them a lot of authorization. To avoid this go to “Settings” -> “Privacy” ->“Permission Manager”. You will get a list of all the apps you use. Click on it and it will show you all the permission you’ve given to that app. If you’ve some time then go to here to check and change permissions given.

7. Share Nearby:

We use a lot of third party app to share photos and videos. But what’s the need? In android we get an inbuilt “Nearby Share” which can be used easily. Not only that, it is also faster than any third party app. To enable “Nearby share” go to “Settings” -> “Google” -> “Device connections” -> “Nearby share”. So if anyone is beside you, you can easily share photos, videos, etc. with them.

8. Screen Refresh Rate:

Today, we get so many phones that have fast refresh rate systems. So if you want to know the exact refresh rate of your phone, then you can follow these steps. “Settings”-> “Developer Options”-> “Show refresh rate”. Now you can easily see the refresh rate of your screen.

9. Drag text easily:

If you want to maximize your productivity, then Google Chrome can help you do so. Did you know that Google Chrome can be used in split screen? This gets a lot better when you realize that any text that is selected in chrome can be coped in other open app just by dragging. Select the text you want to drag and drag it to the app you want to. You can forward a specific part of an article to a friend or instantly search for a location of somewhere you want to get to. This feature comes in handy.

10. Light and Dark mode:

Almost all the apps like Facebook messenger, etc., now-a-days, comes with a “Dard Mode” feature. With most recent phones you should find an option in display settings but this only tends to change the UI elements not third-party apps. But we can do this on Google Chrome., just head into the Google flag section and enable it there. It gets a lot better if you head into developer settings where, if you got a Samsung phone running one UI, you can set the phone’s internal dark theme to sync with the time of day. So everything will be light if you’re out in sun and dark when you need it to be.

So that's  it! I hope this was helpful to you guys. If you want to read more about android tips and tricks then click here. Do let us know what other articles would you like to read. Your suggestions and recommendations would mean a lot to us. 

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