10 Android apps that are not available on Play Store

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If you own an android phone, your go-to downloader for apps must be Play Store. But are you aware that there are secrets apps for Android that are not available on Play Store? I will tell you about those exciting and hidden apps in this article. Also, if you want to know the best apps that are available on Google Play Store, you may read our article on 8 best apps of 2021 on Play Store. No, we don’t want to give FOMO to iPhone users, we have 8 best apps of App Store for you as well.  

Why are these apps not on Play Store?  

To launch an Android app on the Google Play Store, developers must pass a scrutinizing process whereby their app is tested and evaluated to make sure it does not violate Google’s terms of use. 

Things that will get an app banned from the Play Store include, but aren’t limited to; apps containing explicit or pornographic content, apps that allow you to bet or gamble, apps that violate intellectual property laws, apps that fail to meet security requirements and apps that allow you to make payments for physical products or content consumed outside that application. Another obvious reason for the removal of the app is if it contains malware. 

There can be multiple reasons why Google removes apps from Play Store, the following can be two of the major reasons for removing the apps from the Play Store.  

  • Violation of policies: Some of the apps on the Play Store might be violating the policies and guidelines due to which Google has to remove those apps. For instance, Google recently removed the “Remove China Apps” app from the play store as it was against their policies. 
  • Regional Restrictions: Google removes some apps due to Regional restrictions, as the Government of that region or the country does not allow such apps in their country. The latest example is the India-China tensions, where the Indian Government banned 59 Chinese apps including TikTok. 

Fortunately, due to the open-source nature of the Android operating system, apps that aren’t on the Play Store are still available on third-party websites as APK files. 

10 of our favorite Android apps that are unavailable on the Play Store are definitely worth a look: 


Probably one of the most popular games on the planet, Fortnite by Epic Games isn’t available on Google Play Store! The reason is because of the Play Store’s expensive proposition and Fortnite’s plenty-of-things-to-buy revenue model. 

At this point, whether you’re a gamer or not, there’s a good chance that you’ve at least heard about Fortnite. This free-to-play game has taken the world by storm and has ended up earning the company hundreds of millions of dollars through in-game purchases. 

Fortnite is a world of many experiences. Drop onto the Island and compete to be the last player — or team — standing. Create an Island of your own with your own rules. Hang out with friends on an Island that someone else created. Or save the world by taking down hordes of monsters with others. 


It is a third-party TV and Multimedia streaming application platform that features the users with Movies, TV Shows, and Live TV. This app is quite unique because it offers Bollywood Movies and Hindi TV Shows with zero issues. You can watch shows from across most of OTT platforms without any subscription.  

It is safe to use as it does not store any of your data and it does not cause any problem to your phones as there is no fear of your devices being hacked or corrupted by any virus. App does not contain virus and it is safe to use. It is an amazing platform for Android loaded with all the entertainment content just in one place. This app provides you with all the Latest movies, web series, live TV, and much more. 

You can simply download it through your browser in the form of an apk.  

Note: It is recommended to watch the web series and movies online by getting a paid subscription to the Legit App. Watch it at your own risk since it is illegal to watch them through third-party providers. 


The app is specifically made for Android and it is very simple to use. It is also one of those apps android that are not available on Google Play Store due to policy restrictions. But can be easily downloaded and installed from the official website. It is not harmful. Google removes any app from Play store each does not comply by their policies. You are not allowed or given an option to download YouTube videos. But TubeMate did that. And from many other sites. So, it is for legal reason Google Play does not host such app. But it is completely safe to use. 
It is a YouTube downloader that allows you to take the videos offline in a format of your choice. This app also allows users to encode audio and convert the YouTube video into an MP3 file. It allows you for an easier audio listening experience. Tubemate offers several additional features over the default YouTube Offline Video feature. It also overcomes some of the limitations making it a better experience. 

You need to be careful while downloading the Tubemate app. As there are multiple fake and infected duplicates on the Google Play Store and the internet 


AdAway is an open-source ad blocker for Android using the hosts file, it is completely free, and the code can be accessed openly for users to review, contribute, and improve. This means that you do not need to worry about the app being malicious or stealing your data. The AdAway ad blocker allows you to block specific ads by adding your own custom hosts and custom rules. This allows you to whitelist, blacklist, and add rules for redirects. The AdAway app is not available on Google Play Store for obvious reasons considering that the biggest chunk of revenue for Google is from Ads. 

The app needs root access to function properly and will seek permission for Reading and Write access to the System. The ads are generally not blocked on mobile data by default and doesn’t work on Chrome due to the Data Compression Proxy. However, for most users and most applications, AdAway can provide a completely Ad-free experience on all the common apps. The app also comes with support for 62 languages meaning that you can comfortably use the app in a language of your choice. 

Download AdAway 


It is an extremely easy and friendly application allowing users to download MP3 files of their favorite soundtracks. The app provides access to Bollywood, English, Pop, Remix, Regional Music Albums, and Songs. You can also navigate around the app to get US/UK Billboard Charts and Monthly Hit Songs. 

The in-built search option allows you to search in the app for the different music that you might be looking for and you can use the MP3 Downloader to download the songs of your choice locally to your device easily. The app aggregates various sources to provide an easy way of downloading the MP3 files of songs without having to go through a lengthy process. 

Download XTunes 

Amazon App Store 

The Amazon App Store is similar to Google Play Store and essentially works as an alternative for devices that do not support the official Google Play Store and for developers who wish to publish their apps but were rejected by Google due to strict policies. Amazon App Store comes pre-loaded on Amazon Android-based devices such as Kindle Fire. You can also download the Amazon App Store manually from their official website, this app allows you to easily download your other favorite apps and save money on in-app purchases using Amazon Coins. 

The Amazon App Store comes with a very easy to use interface and allows you to discover top apps and games or get recommendations based on titles you like. You retain access to all your apps and can get the updates or manage subscriptions all in one place easily. 

Download Amazon App Store 


It is one of the most useful applications that are not available on Google Play Store. This app is a file manager just like Google Files, only more efficient. MiXplorer combines the files & documents of every file explorer present in your phone. it is a one-stop solution for document categorization. 

It also arranges the file according to your customized settings and can connect to your cloud storage app & transfer files. Every file comes under 1 single list. It also provides categorizations options to the user so that he can categorize files accordingly.  

This is one of the best file tracking app. You can download this application from the official site.  


GbWhatsapp is a mod and before diving into the details, let us first understand what a mod is.

WhatsApp Mods are nothing but an altered version of the original WhatsApp Messenger. These applications are designed by third-party developers using the official WhatsApp framework.  

Is Using WhatsApp Mod Safe? 

At first, from a legal point of view, WhatsApp Mod is not the official version. So, the original Messenger app can anytime take any legal actions against both the MOD APK developers & its users. Additionally, WhatsApp is based on end-to-end encryption for messaging & voice-calling. Hence, the chances are nil that any third-party could retrieve your communication. 

However, with WhatsApp Mods, they don’t rely on any encryption system. So, it can be risky, but as of now, there’s no complaint or security issue that users have faced while using other WhatsApp Alternatives! 

GB Whatsapp is what the normal WhatsApp app could never be. Tons of app updates have introduced lesser control of your WhatsApp account, so by using GB WhatsApp, you can get access to multiple hidden/unique features on WhatsApp. 


  • Copy status messages of your other WhatsApp contacts to clipboard. 
  • Use two different WhatsApp accounts at once. 
  • Multilingual WhatsApp Mod. 
  • Ability to set the ‘Always Online’ feature. 
  • Keep WhatsApp chats private so that they don’t show up on the main dashboard. 
  • Ability to run & use both the original WhatsApp Messenger & GBWhatsApp mod simultaneously. 
  • Auto-reply to messages when you’re busy or not available. 
  • Message Scheduler. 
  • Payment option available. 
  • Create your own custom themes for a personalized experience. 

Download GBWhatsApp mod now to enjoy these sets of features and more on your Android device.  

SpotiFlyer – Best Free Music App 

Next up we have SpotiFlyer, nowadays streaming music is the new standard but still, there are audiophiles who prefer offline music listening, and if you are one of them then this app is for you. SpotiFlyer basically lets you download Albums, Tracks, and Playlists from Spotify, YouTube music, etc with just one click. 

So, let’s say you have your favorite playlist on Spotify and don’t want to download each track one by one, in that case, you just have to copy the link of the playlist and just paste it on SpotiFlyer and there you go, you will have all your songs downloaded with just a click. 


Next on our list of apps not on the Play store is Viper4Android, which contains exquisite equalizers, audio boosts, and various audio presets which will enrich the audio quality of your device. 

This piece of technology is designed to be the ultimate equalizer app. The ViPER4Android FX app comes with built-in support for sound drivers that can fine-tune the sound for Headphones, Speakers, and Bluetooth Audio devices separately. 

The only reason you cannot find ViPER4Android FX on the Google Play Store is just like most of the hardcore apps, it requires root access. 

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