What is Apple AirTag and how is it useful for us?

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The Apple AirTag is a clip-on item tracker for backpacks and keychains. It uses Apple’s Find my Location to ping nearby Apple devices, allowing people to locate it. Although it is extremely useful its potential for usage as a stalking device has sparked controversy.  

This new device is intended to allow individuals to track goods that do not have any smart features, such as luggage and keys. You get to use the Ultra-Wideband chip in the latest iPhones to track down your misplaced items.  

Using Apple’s global network of one billion iOS devices, AirTags allows you to track objects virtually everywhere. They can be used to organize keys, luggage, musical instruments, equipment, and even your bicycle or skateboard.  

If you have an iPhone 11 or newer, you can use the Discover my app to identify your noted objects and obtain exact directions as you get closer.  

Here is everything you can do or should know about AirTags:   

AirTag design

The AirTag features a small circular design with a white finish on the front and a stainless steel back. You can also personalize your AirTag with emojis, numbers, and letters.

Apple touts that AirTags have a “lightweight design,” and there are two key factors to this: water resistance and a user-replaceable battery. Apple says AirTags are rated for IP67 water and dust resistance, while the battery inside is a CR2032, which is a standard coin cell battery. 

Using and configuring AirTags   

Before proceeding further, if you are using the iPhone for the first time you may learn How to set up a new iPhone in 7 simple steps?. Once you are ready with your phone, follow the below mentioned steps to learn to setup AirTags:

  1. AirTags are easy to set up. If your AirTag is new, remove the wrap around the product and pull out the tab to activate the battery. Your AirTag will play a sound.  
  1. Hold your AirTag near your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, then tap Connect. If you have multiple AirTags and see “More than one AirTag detected”, make sure that only one AirTag is near your device at one time.  
  1. Select an item name from the list, or select Custom Name to name your AirTag. Then tap Continue.  
  1. Register your AirTag with your Apple ID, tap continue again.  
  1. Tap done.  
  1. Now you can attach your AirTag to your item and see it in the Find My app.  

Using AirTags to keep track of a wide range of things   

One can use it to track a variety of items other than the obvious ones like keys, handbags, and backpacks. It is useful for practically everything. You might put one under your bike seat, in a musical instrument case, or even on a remote control that you frequently lose.  

AirTag is an ultimate tracking device which you can trust undoubtedly.

Unbelievable durability    

AirTags can be used in harsh settings or various circumstances. You can store one in your gym bag and keep it in the trunk of your car. It can be allowed to get cold in the winter and or can expose it to scorching heat. You might lose track of one in your pocket and toss it in the washing machine. It will even get scratched if you keep one on your keys. But nothing will reduce its efficiency. You could also throw an AirTag now and then.  

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Built-in privacy   

The privacy and security of Find My app and AirTag is alike. It does not save your location history. The Find My network employs end-to-end encryption. Only the owner has access to location data, and no one, including Apple, knows the name or location of any device that helped with its discovery.  

The AirTag emits a Bluetooth signal that devices linked to the Find My network can detect. If an AirTag loses touch with its owner’s device, it will ping the nearest Discover My device it can find to update its location. It will not alert a passer-by with an iPhone, but it will give you a notification.  

When someone comes across an AirTag and taps it with their smartphone, the information that the owner has permitted them is displayed. The owner will only be informed that a lost AirTag’s location has been updated in the Find My network.  

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How long an AirTag’s battery should last  

Each Apple AirTag comes with an integrated battery that should last for about a full year before needing replacement. The actual battery life will vary depending upon how much you use it  

Also, your iPhone will warn you with notifications when the battery runs low, and the Find My app displays the battery level on the Items tab whenever the level gets low enough that you should replace the battery.  


You can buy a singular AirTag currently for ₹3190 or a pack of four for₹10900. You can check it out here.

Apple is also selling a range of accessories for AirTag, including key ring holders, leather loops, and more. These accessories are also now available to order. A variety of more affordable AirTag accessories have also appeared on Amazon. 

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