Guide to buy the best phone in 2022

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Nowadays, finding the perfect phone is not an easy task in the huge market where varieties of phones are available. This guide will help you to buy your best phone.

So many smartphone brands are available that offer phones in different price ranges. And having a budget or selected price range in mind will simplify the list for you. But, many people don’t even know what to check while buying a new phone. There is a lot more to check for getting an ideal RAM, camera, internal memory, etc.

Most commonly people see the number of MegaPixels and think the higher MP a camera has, the more good picture quality it will provide. But, it isn’t anything except a tech myth. Learn more about tech myths in our article “10 Tech myths debunked“.

So, here we are with a complete guide you need to buy the best phone.


The phone’s performance is the primary factor which needs to be considered while buying. What actually it is? The phone’s performance is nothing but its capability of running apps smoothly, switching one from another without lags, and so forth. The performance of the phone is based on a few things:


RAM is an abbreviation used for Random Access Memory. It works for easy access to data. If you have a higher number of apps to run, then you must have good RAM. Or else your phone will not run smoothly due to overburdening. How to choose an ideal RAM?

  • If you are going to use your phone for general purposes and you don’t need to run as many apps. Then, 2GB to 3GB RAM is suitable for you.
  • For medium usages, such as browsing multiple tabs, using numerous apps, playing games, etc, 3GB to 4GB RAM is ideal for you.
  • But, if you need a phone for heavy usages, such as gaming, video editing, running more apps, etc, then 6GB to 12GB RAM is more suitable for you.


A processor determines the speed of your smartphone. It has a clock speed that is basically the operating speed of the processor. It means, that the more clock speed a processor has, the more smooth it will work.

Operating system

The operating system is the package of every function that a smartphone can perform. It is a complete set of essential apps and settings with which a user can easily use the smartphone.

Android OS has more flexibility than iOS, but iPhones have no bloatware and they are more secure. Also, Android phones are available in various price ranges, while iPhones are not.


In this generation where the smartphone has become an essential part of all activities, whether it is about entertainment or work. For getting a clear image and graphics, everybody searches for a first-rate display. Also, the screen size of the phone matters for many.

You can consider these things for choosing a suitable display.

  • Screen Size- For gaming, editing, browsing and streaming a big screen is more suitable. In contrast, a smaller screen is preferable for those who want a phone easier to hold.
    • Choose 5.5-6 inches of the screen for basic use.
    • 6-6.5 inches is more suitable for those who browse, watch movies and play games.
    • Above 6.5 inches is best for those who edit videos, take virtual classes, attend virtual meetings through a mobile, watch movies, play games for a longer time, etc.
  • Aspect Ratio- It is the ratio of the screen’s height to the width. A 16:9 ratio is commonly available in current smartphones.
  • Display Type- Two types of display are available; LCD and AMOLED. The AMOLED displays give more vibrant colours as compared to LCD and the screen is visible in sunlight as well.
  • Resolution- The number of pixels determines the quality of an image. More resolution means a sharper and clear image.
  • Screen protection- From regular use, scratches and damage screen protection is a must. Gorilla Glass protection is most widely used for screen protection.


A phone’s battery is one of the most preferred things when buying a phone. Android phones are available with longer battery life, but iPhones are still behind in case of battery. You can choose your ideal battery by taking these factors into consideration;

  • 3000-3500mAh is suitable for basic use.
  • 3500-4200mAh is suitable for medium usage, gaming, watching movies or videos, etc.
  • Above 4500mAh is suitable for excess gaming, editing and more usage.


Storage is also among the major factors in this guide to buy the best phone. For storing data, images, videos, and applications internal storage is needed. Different people need different GBs of space. More internal storage means an increased cost but you can choose your ideal one from the broad variety.

  • 16GB to 32GB is suitable for those who use smartphones for calling, messaging and checking emails and those who need fewer applications.
  • 64GB is suitable for average users. This storage capacity is ideal for those who store many videos, and photos and use more apps.
  • 128GB and above is ideal for heavy users. Especially for gamers, video editors, and those who store heavy apps.


The smartphone has reduced the need of carrying a camera. Everybody prefers a good quality camera, but how do determine the camera quality of a phone? Here are some tips for choosing a good camera.

  • A front camera with a lower aperture is more likely to provide good picture quality.
  • Multiple rear camera setups are now available. Picture quality depends upon lens, aperture and pixels.
  • Different AI and camera modes are available in the latest phones that auto-adjust and give clear and sharp images.
  • A good camera provides a more stable video. Check for the optical image stabilisation and frame per second for shooting more stable videos.
  • If you love taking selfies then choose a phone with a front flash.

So, these were some most important things and tips that we suggest you consider for buying the best phone.

We hope this article was helpful. If it was then let us know in the comments down below. Here are a few recommendations for you.
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