Best Antivirus Software of 2022

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Do you know why we need the best Antivirus software to protect us? That is because we are at risk of a data breach at all times. Our personal and sensitive data like social security numbers, birth dates, bank account information and credit card details can be exposed to hackers at any time. This information is then made available on the dark web where it can be utilized to wreck our finances. The personal information of persons with a high credit score can be sold for a very low price on the dark web. Therefore, protecting our data is the need of the hour.   

How to choose the best antivirus software in 2022 

Installing the correct antivirus software at home or work is one step you can take to avoid becoming a victim of a data breach. Antivirus software nowadays does more than just identify viruses. It also protects against malware and other types of attacks. It is difficult to know which antivirus software is best for you to use in 2022 when there are hundreds to choose from.  

The Top 5 Antivirus Programs for 2022  

In this guide, we have come down to the 5 best Antivirus Programs of 2022 after taking into account the software’s antivirus, malware, and ransomware protection. We also took into account things like different device safeguards and free version options. Here are our favorites.  

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus: Overall winner 

Best Antivirus Software
Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

This is a software program that protects your computer from viruses. It was created in 2001 and is based in Bucharest, Romania’s capital. Bitdefender Plus is the company’s entry-level antivirus software, making it suited for non-technical home users and anyone looking for basic threat protection.  

Since viruses aren’t the only cyber-threats, Bitdefender Plus includes other security-focused features. It provides features like ransomware protection, monitoring online purchases and web-based transactions, and password management. It allows users to create unique passwords for everything all of which can be controlled from a single dashboard. Bitdefender Plus is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.  

The free version offers real-time detection, advanced threat defense, web attack prevention, and anti-fraud/anti-phishing protection. The paid version includes Safepay for financial transactions, multi-layer ransomware protection, and vulnerability assessments. It also offers a virtual private network (VPN) with an additional subscription fee. 

One year of coverage for one device is $39.99. There is a 30-day free trial. 


  1. Detection of ransomware  
  1. Provides a “Do Not Track” option for improved data privacy.  
  1. Manager of passwords  


  1. Frequent updates with a subscription  
  1. VPN service is available; however, it requires a separate subscription. 

Download: Bitdefender Antivirus Plus – Best Antivirus for Windows

Norton 360 with LifeLock 

Best antivirus software
Norton 360 with LifeLock

It was named the best antivirus for Windows. It has identity theft protection too. Users can choose from many editions of this program, each with different capabilities. Even the most basic version includes PC maintenance functions and 2GB of cloud backup. Dark web monitoring, VPN, and 100GB of cloud backup are all included in its standard version.   

The quantity of cloud storage rises as the package level increases. The mid-tier Norton 360 with LifeLock Select costs $149.99 per year and includes licenses for up to five devices (including Mac) as well as 100GB of cloud storage. Parental controls, school time/remote learning controls, VPNs for all devices, and webcam protection are all available. With one license, Norton Antivirus Plus costs $84.99 per year.  


  1. PC security features such as firewalls and backups  
  1. Excellent anti-malware defence  
  1. Manager of passwords  
  1. Identity theft protection from LifeLock  


  1. The detection of ransomware requires improvement.  
  1. During thorough scans, the machine slows down.  
  1. It is a costly option.  

Get: Norton 360 | Security for PC, Mac, Android & iOS

Webroot SecureAnywhere 

Webroot SecureAnywhere for Mac 

It is our top pick for Mac-specific antivirus protections. While most viruses are designed to infect Windows machines, Macs are susceptible to other malware, ransomware, phishing attempts, and even Apple-specific viruses. 

This software has a little footprint on your computer’s operating system, yet it performs quick security assessments and is best at detecting phishing. Users will receive notifications about new threats if they provide an email address while installing the app. Its UI is more compatible across platforms than other antivirus software. This makes it more appealing to consumers who use both Windows and Mac computers. It does not feature a firewall. 

It has SecureAnywhere products that include antivirus (Mac/PC), Internet security, and Internet complete with a backup storage. You can get it for $39.99. You get to use just one gadget at this price. There is a money-back guarantee of 70 days. 


  1. Phishing detection is really good.  
  1. During internet searches, fast virus scanning detects and labels harmful links.   

Get: Webroot SecureAnywhere

McAfee Antivirus Plus 

It is the only antivirus solution that identifies the expanding number of devices in a single household, which may comprise four or more operating systems. While the security and functionality for Windows and Android are superior, the protection is still enough for all devices. It removes the need for families to acquire multiple antivirus memberships. 

The base package includes support, safe web browsing, and antivirus for up to ten devices. The MTP 10 Device plan covers 10 devices for a year and includes features like comprehensive home network protection, a password manager, encrypted storage, and identity theft protection. One-year subscriptions with unlimited device protection are also available.  

The basic one-year subscription is $24.99 the first year and then $79.99 per year after that. The MTP 10 Family plan costs $34.99 for the first year and $119.99 every year after that. The first year of unlimited device protection is $69.99, after which it costs $159.99. One to five VPN licences are included in each plan. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available. 


  1. Protects all devices, including Android and iOS devices.  
  1. Malware detection is very effective  
  1. It has a strong firewall  
  1. The price includes many extra features.  


  1. It does not have many features for Apple products.  

Get: McAfee Antivirus

Trend Micro Antivirus Plus Security 

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security 

It offers an aggressive antivirus system at a reasonable price. It also includes several security tools such as layered ransomware protections, a firewall booster, and the pay guard browser. These tools offer the safest levels of protection for online banking and purchases. 

Its learning feature is included in every edition. This feature detects new ransomware strains and other emerging threats and stops them before they cause any damage to the computer network. The highest tier of the product offers password management and protection.  

For individuals who don’t want to micromanage their security, it is a good antivirus software alternative. This version is exclusively available for Windows and it also sells a Mac version.

A one-year subscription is worth $29.95. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


  1. The price is reasonable.  
  1. The dashboard is simple to use.  
  1. It secures financial transactions conducted over the internet  
  1. There are bonus features 


  1. Requires a lot of resources  
  1. The majority of versions just serve Windows. 

Get: Trend Micro Antivirus+

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