Convert word to pdf: 3 Simple ways 

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Do you want to convert word to PDF? Are you struggling to choose the best option? All your questions will be answered in this guide of ways that will let you convert pdf files to word. 

If you use any modern version of Word 2016, Word 2013, Word 2010 or Word 2007, you do not actually need any third-party tools or services to convert your .docx or .doc to PDF. The capabilities of Microsoft Word’s Save As feature cover all basic needs, maybe except for the most complex and sophisticatedly formatted documents. 

The detailed steps to convert Word to PDF follow below:

1. Open the Word document and select the text to export to PDF. Open the Word document you want to turn into a PDF file. 

  • If you wish to import only some part of the document, select it. If you want to convert the entire document, you don’t need to select anything.  

Note: Please be aware that unlike Excel, Microsoft Word cannot export multiple selections to PDF. If you select non-contiguous paragraphs, tables or images on different pages of the document, the Selection option in step 3 will be greyed out. 

2. Open the Save As dialog. 

In Word 2013 and 1020, click File > Save as. In Word 2007, click the Office button > Save as

The Save As dialog window will open, where you select the destination folder, give a new name to the file if needed, and choose PDF (. *pdf) from the “Save as type” drop-down list. 

convert word to pdf
Step 2

Then select one of the following options under Optimize for

  • If you want the PDF file to be of a high print quality, click Standard
  • When a lower PDF file size is more important than print quality, select Minimum size

In case the converted Word doc is essentially text, the difference will be almost unnoticeable. If you are exporting a large file with many images, choosing Standard may increase the file size significantly. 

3. Configuring the PDF options (optional). 

convert word to pdf
  • If you want additional options, especially if you wish to avoid exporting information you don’t want to share, click the “Options” button in the right part of the Save As window, as shown in the screenshot above. 
  • This will open the Options… dialog where you can set up the page range and configure some other settings:  
  • Under Page range, choose whether to convert the entire Word doc to PDF, current selection or certain pages. 
  • Under Publish what, click “Document showing markup” to include tracked changes in the PDF file; otherwise, make sure Document is selected. 
  • Under Include non-printable information, put a tick the “Create bookmarks” using box if you wish to create a set of bookmarks that users can click in the PDF document.  
  • Then select either Headings or Bookmarks if you’ve added any bookmarks to your document. 
  • Make sure the “Document properties” box is not checked if you don’t want to include property information in the output PDF file. 
  • The selected “Document structure tags for accessibility” option makes the document easier for screen-reading software to read. 
  • Finally, there comes the least understandable section – PDF options. In most cases, it’s recommended to stick with the option selected by default (the 2nd one).  
  • When done, click “OK” to close the Options dialog. 

4. Saving the PDF document. 

In the Save As dialog, click the Save button to save the converted PDF file. 

If you want to view the PDF file right after saving, be sure to check the option “Open file after publishing” in the right part of the dialog window. 

convert word to pdf
Saving the pdf

As you see, converting Word to PDF using the capabilities of the Save As feature is fast and straightforward. If Microsoft Word fails to export your doc to PDF correctly, you can try your luck with some online Word to PDF converter. 

How to convert a word file to PDF using an online tool? 

If you do not feel like using your PC tools to convert word to pdf, there are tons of free websites available online to do the job with equal proficiency. It is more simple to it this way. Here are some of the best websites you may want to use to convert your word file into pdf.

Word to pdf using ilovePDF 


To convert one or more documents from WORD to PDF,

  • Open your browser and visit ilovePDF
  • Choose the “Word to PDF” option. 
  • Select the documents from your device or from your cloud storage accounts such as Google Drive or Dropbox account. 
  • Click on Convert to PDF to transform your .docx into a non-editable document.
  • Then, download your PDF or save it back to the cloud.

Word to pdf using TinyWow  

It is the ultimate free tool you can use online that offers a wide range of features—converting different types of files from PDF, Docx, and many more. 

Here’s a quick way to convert Word File to PDF: 

  • Open your browser and visit TinyWow.  
  • Choose the “Word to PDF” option. 
  • On the Word to the PDF page, click the Upload for PC or Mobile button. 
  • Look for your Doc file and press Open. 
  • Then press Download to save it on your computer or phone. 
  • After that you can now download your PDF file without the password. Located in your Download’s Folder. 

Easy as that, and you are ready to go. Save a Word document as a PDF file 

Convert Word to PDF using Adobe Acrobat

Luckiest are license holders of Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, because this software provides more than one way to export a Word doc to PDF both from Microsoft Word and from Adobe Acrobat.

Exporting DOC / DOCX to PDF from Microsoft Word

Method 1:

  • Open a document in Word 2016, 2013, 2010 or 2007, navigate to the Acrobat tab and click the Create PDF button in the Create Adobe PDF group.
convert word to pdf
Method 1: To convert word to pdf using Acrobat

Method 2.

  • Click File > Save As Adobe PDF.
  • Whichever method you choose, the Save Adobe PDF File As window will open and prompt you to select a folder to save the PDF file.
  • You can also select the View Results check box if you want to open the resulting PDF file as soon as the conversion is complete. If you wish to protect your PDF with password, select the Protect PDF box.
Alternative method to convert word to pdf using Acrobat

For additional options, click the Options button.

Clicking Options opens the following dialog window, where you can choose:

  • Convert the whole Word document, certain pages or the selection (the last option is grayed out if no text is currently selected).
  • Convert document information box lets you choose whether to include the Word doc property information in the output PDF file or not.
  • If you check the Create PDF/A compliant file option, your Word file will be converted using the PDF/A archiving standard, which differs from PDF in the way that it prohibits features ill-suited for long-term archiving (e.g. font linking instead of font embedding).
  • Enable Accessibility And Reflow With Tagged Adobe PDF simply embeds tags in the PDF document.
  • Two more options let you Create bookmarks and Convert comments.

The screenshot below demonstrates the default setting that will do fine in most cases.

Acrobat PDFMaker

When you’ve finished configuring the settings, click OK to close this window, and then click the Save button in the Save Adobe PDF File As dialog to complete exporting DOC to PDF.

Method 3.

  • If you want even more setting to configure the layout of the resulting PDF document, click File > Print and choose Adobe PDF under Printer. You will see an array of the page setup options.
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