10 amazing car accessories from Amazon

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Do you know, there are thousands of car accessories available just to provide a better and homely experience. Whether it’s a new car or an old one, it needs some accessories to provide every possible comfort. Like devices available for smart homes, there are many for your car too. In this article, we’ll talk about the 10 most amazing car accessories on Amazon.

The car accessories in this list, are the best ones you could get from INR.200 to INR.2000.

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RAXFLY phone car mount

Raxfly phone car mount is an amazing device. Cool, small and stylish, which have a magnet inside to mount your phone on your car air-vent. The magnetic force is so powerful that despite road vibrations or impacts it will hold your phone tightly. It will keep your smartphone in place.


This car accessory comes with 4PCS metal magnet plates, a 4PCS alcohol bag, and 4PCS protect film. Therefore, you can also share it with your family. You can easily use it with one hand, it can rotate 360 degrees to provide you with the correct sight.

This is compatible with iPhone X/XR/XS Max, iPhone 8/8+/7/7+/6/6s+ case, Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S9/S9+/Note 9/8/10. You can get this product under INR.

Boat Dual QC Port Rapid Car Charger 

It is a lightweight fast charging device with dual ports. It can provide you with 18 Watt of fast charging. This rapid charger is compatible with a Micro USB cable, Type-C cable and lightning cable. This quick charger 3.0 rapid can charge your battery up to 80% in 35 minutes. Whereas, standard chargers could only charge up to 20% within the same time.


This BoAt Rapid car charger provides smart IC protection against overheating, overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuits. It can charge two devices simultaneously with its 36W Simultaneous Charging Support. You can get this product on Amazon under INR.500.

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WINDEK 1902 Digital Tyre Inflator

This digital tyre inflator (Mini Air Compressor) will inflate your car’s tyre in a few minutes. It requires no effort and can easily pump air into the tyre. It is difficult to find a mechanic everywhere. But, with this tyre inflator, you can easily deal with such an unpredictable situation.

car accessories-windek1902-digital-tyre-inflator
Tyre inflator

It has a small and compact design, which uses very less space to store in your car. It displays the airflow pressure on its digital panel. You can alone fix your tyre and continue your journey if this digital tyre inflator is with you.

Features of this device include–a Powerful compressor, Auto-shutoff, time-saving, digital panel, sturdy construction, and small compact design.

Inflatable Car Bed Mattress

If you feel uncomfortable while travelling long, then you might love this. This car mattress provides a comfortable environment in your car and gives you the exact feel of your bed. This mattress has an inflatable elastic that will be cosy even on bumpy roads. You can fit this mattress in your car as per your requirement. Along with the mattress, you’ll get two air pillows. It is best for camping, travel, night out, and so on.

car bed-mattress
Car bed mattress

The surface is made of sleek black flocked material, which gives a feathery feel. Whereas bottom oxford fabric is used, which makes it waterproof, anti-dust and easy to clean.

Fusion PVC Door Car Sticker

Do you need something to prevent windows, car doors or things free of scratches? Then this door car sticker will work for you. These car stickers are easy to apply and remove. They help to prevent your windowsills and car doors from scratches. They are available in a few amazing sets of colours.

Car door sticker

The decal sheet, which is non-toxic and durable as well, is made of high-quality carbon fibre material. The sheet is too easy to apply. Just remove the extra layer and after cleaning the surface, stick it. It will not leave any stain even after you remove it.

Voroly Car Vacuum Cleaner

Gone for a picnic and ended up in a dusty car with tiny pieces of snacks all over. Ever faced? Well, this isn’t in your case, but we all sometimes think to have a vacuum cleaner to just wipe out all the dust instantly. The Voroly car vacuum cleaner is the best option for you if you like a neat and clean car in any way. This isn’t limited to cars but also works for other things at home, such as a keyboard.

Car vacuum cleaner

Its pull out crevice tool can even clean hard-to-reach areas easily. You can clean in-between spaces thoroughly with its washable bowl and filters. This vacuum is cleaner is one of the safest car accessories as it provides all the necessary protections. You can get this product for under INR.1400 on Amazon.

AutoTrends Alloy Wheel Edge ring rim

This product is best to protect your rims from damage. It also cover-ups the existing damage and give a stylish look to your car’s tyre. These alloy wheel protectors are easy to install and are one of the best gifts you can give to your car.

Wheel edge ring rim

The installation doesn’t require removing the tyre or putting the car on a jack. It doesn’t need any glue to fix, just fix it around the alloy of your car’s wheel. Also, you can cut it according to the size of your wheel.

Involve One Musk Car Perfume

Do you like a fresh smell while travelling? There are so many intense car perfumes that irritate many people. But his One Musk organic car perfume has a delightful smell, which even works in SUV rays. The smell will mesmerize you with the feel of woods and the goodness of nature. It is a 100% leak-proof car scent and gives a long-lasting premium fragrance for more than 60 days.

Involve one musk perfume

It has an easy slider mechanism to on or off when needed. Its fibre cake contains three different pieces of fragrance. Involve ONE is available in 10 different fragrances Musk, Citrus, Spark, Splash, Classic, Lime, French Wood, Hype, Snow Fall and Mojito Lemon.

Rasdion Multifunctional Food Tray for Car

This steering wheel desk is made of high-quality material. This product is durable and made of thick plastic. It is lightweight but can carry your laptop, food and other things easily. It is one of the most useful car accessories.

This Radson Multifunctional food tray for the car is super comfortable and convenient. Most importantly, the design is universal, it can be placed in almost every car’s steering. Thi product has 2 functions–It can hold your lunch and a cup as well. Also, it has a flat surface for your work along with a pen slot, where you can easily place your laptop and pen.

Multifunctional car tray

Instead of messing up things while eating or working in a car, use this to keep things organised and clean. You can get this product under INR. 1000 from Amazon.

AutoFurnish Premium 3D Car Organizer

Especially when we go for a family picnic, each one of us carries a lot of stuff. Whether it’s snacks or cameras, we have so many things to keep. But, if you like organised things, no untidiness in the car, and everything perfect, then this car organiser is for you.

Car organiser

It has a large storage space where you can keep your bottles, tablets, mobile phones, tissues, and whatever you like. It has multiple pockets that keep your stuff safe. You can simply attach it to the back of your seat and keep things in it. You can get this product on Amazon for under INR. 600.

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