Free remote connectivity using TeamViewer in 2022

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The free remote connectivity provided by TeamViewer is the best choice, whether you need it for helping your family with a computer problem or simply assisting a friend with a new project. With the right tools, you can access all of the digital resources you need from a remote PC for free. This means that, using TeamViewer, you can directly access your family or friend’s home computer environment while located anywhere in the world, access all of the documents saved to the machine quickly and easily, while assessing and rectifying the problem. You can even chat to them via messaging or video call, while using a single piece of software. 

Why TeamViewer?

TeamViewer offers a unique free remote connectivity and a PC solution; users can try the software at home with family and friends and enjoy a host of special features for free. If living remotely, you may still want to, for example, check in with your parents and help them with their latest tech problems, or assist a friend with installing their newest smart home device. Try TeamViewer for free at home, and distance won’t get in the way of you supporting those that you care about. You might even find that the software would be a great fit for not only private use amongst friends and family, but also for business or professional purposes. 

Features of Remote Connection 

  • Helpdesk support 

Support staff can attend to customer problems quickly and effectively with a TeamViewer remote connection, immediately assessing the problem and passing the ticket straight on to the right person. 

  • Monitoring and management 

IT admins no longer have to work onsite to monitor the status of hardware: logging on via a remote connection enables an entire company’s assets to be monitored and managed fast, efficiently, and securely. 

  • Mobile work 

Remote workers or those travelling for business can access key company resources 24/7 with complete network access. This provides them with the full network access they require. 

  • Troubleshooting & repairs 

Complex problems can be assessed from within the virtual desktop, with troubleshooting and even complete repair work able to be performed – no matter your location or your client’s location. 

  • Online meetings 

With TeamViewer, remote connections between devices allow meetings to become more interactive with collaborative tools such as a online whiteboard, VoIP video conferencing and session recording

  • Data security 

If you are worried about potential data loss in the event of theft, keep all sensitive information stored on a different device, accessible only through a secure remote connection with TeamViewer. 

Setting-up TeamViewer

To set up TeamViewer, the handy program for remote connectivity with any computer running Windows, MacOS, or Linux. Follow this step-by-step guide on using TeamViewer. 

  1. TeamViewer is like a telephone conversation between two PCs, so both machines will need to have the software. For starters, download TeamViewer on your desktop PC from here 
  1. Now click ‘Run’ at the bottom of the screen and, when prompted, accept the license agreement. You’ll need to check the two tick boxes here as well.
  1. Finally, when prompted, choose “Personal/non-commercial use” and click “Next.” The next screen is called “Set up unattended access”. All you need to do is click ‘Next’ to proceed. 
  1. On the next screen, you’ll need to give your computer a password. Once you’ve chosen one, click ‘Next’. On the following screen, you’ll have to provide your email address and a TeamViewer password; click ‘Next’. 
remote connectivity through TeamViewer
  1. You will now see a screen that looks like the one above. Don’t worry about the passwords at this point; we’ll use those later. Your final job is to access your email inbox and find a message from TeamViewer. You’ll need to open it and click on the long link, which will activate your TeamViewer registration. 
remote connectivity through TeamViewer

Setting-up TeamViewer on other or the target device

  1. Install TeamViewer there, too. Now, you’ll need to follow the same steps as before until you reach the screen above. This time, select ‘I already have a TeamViewer account’ and enter the email address you registered with, along with your TeamViewer password. 
  2. Now, you can choose how much control you want to give and choose from the options. Looking at your main PC, note down the number next to ‘Your ID’. Now, working on your laptop, enter this number into the ‘Partner ID’ box. Click ‘Connect to partner’ and enter your TeamViewer password. You’ll see your desktop PC’s Windows desktop appear. 
  3. You should now be able to move icons around on your other PC. You can open programs, close programs, and make system configuration changes too. In this mode, TeamViewer is also ideal for troubleshooting PCs remotely. Set it up as before, and you’ll be able to help your friends without leaving your own home.
SECURITY WARNING: Never let an unknown person to connect to your devices through team viewer or any other remote connectivity software.
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