Google hangouts to replace with Google chat

In October 2020, Google announced its app for chat. As per the reports, Google is to shut Google Hangouts and asks users to migrate to Google chat.

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The hangout app will be no more available after November 2022. Users who want to keep their hangouts’ data can download it from Google Takeouts.

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“We have continued to invest in chat to help people better collaborate and express themselves, and now we are taking steps to help remaining Hanouts users move to chat.” Ravi Kanneganti, product manager, Google chat, said this in a blog post.

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Google Chat has different functionalities that will let users do more. In Google chat, users can edit docs, slides or sheets. They can edit even during a conversation. It has a different part for topic-based collaboration-Spaces.

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Google placed the ‘chat’ option in Gmail inbox, meet and spaces. Therefore, now users can easily chat, share ideas, and edit docs in a single place.

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Google said, “Switching to Chat also makes expressing yourself more fun, whether you’re using emojis with skin-tone selection, rich-text editing, to give your chats emphasis, @mentions to notify someone in the group or sending a GIF.”

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