Chat with your digital avatar on WhatsApp video calls

Billions of people use WhatsApp for chat, audio calls and video calls. And adding a digital avatar to it will make the app quite more fun. Recently, Meta introduced avatars on Instagram and Facebook. Soon WhatsApp is also introducing Avatars and users can video chat through their digital avatars.

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digital avatars WhatsApp video calls

WhatsApp recently brought many new features, like message reactions, hiding profile pictures from selected contacts, and more participants in a WhatsApp group.

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According to reports, this feature is under development and soon it will be available to beta users. Virtual avatars are getting good reviews. Also, it has become an important part of the digital ecosystem.

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According to the reports, during WhatsApp video calls, right below the main screen, you will have a switch to the avatar option. It might be possible that this feature isn’t accessible on every phone. While, things aren’t yet confirmed, but soon every detail about the feature will be out as soon as it would roll out for the beta users.

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