WhatsApp privacy update- Hide profile picture, last seen, status updates

Soon another update concerned with your WhatsApp privacy is arriving. With this WhatsApp privacy, you will be able to hide your profile pictures, last seen, and status updates.

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Right now, WhatsApp users hide their statuses from some selected contacts. But, after rolling out of this new update, users would be able to hide their profile pictures and last seen from selected contacts. This feature is under testing and available to beta users.

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The new update is more concerned with the users’ privacy. It is a new way to hide your details from your contacts. The way WhatsApp users can select top whom they want to show their status. Likewise, users would be able to choose to whom they want to show their profile picture. You can choose between, “Everyone”, “my contacts”, “my contacts except..” and “nobody”.

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And in this way, with this new update users can hide their information from selected contacts. Once the feature will roll out publicly, you can find it in settings.

Settings> Account> Privacy, choose from the options given.

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