Delete for everyone: Delete two days old messages on WhatsApp

A lot more times it happens, hours after sending a message we want to delete it. But, WhatsApp has a limited time for deleting any message for everyone. Well, soon WhatsApp is increasing its limit of deleting sent messages. Soon users will be able to ‘delete for everyone’ two days old messages on WhatsApp.

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There was around 1 hour’s time for deleting any sent message, video, image or documents. But, according to WABetainfo, WhatsApp is rolling out the update for some beta users. With this version of WhatsApp, they will be able to delete two days old sent messages. This feature is under testing and will soon roll out in the future WhatsApp update.

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Users can delete messages but there’s no option to retrieve them. But, the Meta-owned platform is working on an ‘Undo’ button. It is basically being designed to retrieve deleted chats within a time limit. This feature will be seen soon in the upcoming WhatsApp updates. Also, other future updates include an edit sent message option, video calling with your avatars, desktop filter, and so on.

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