Loosing my 10+ years old domain, email, social profiles and recovery | Establish yourself as a brand.

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Loosing my 10 years old domain is big blow for me but I decided to come back strong. This note define how I reestablish myself as new brand from scratch. This is first note in the series of multiple notes where I’ll record practical experience, do and don’t, of reestablishing yourself as brand.

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I registered my domain kapilsharma.info back in 2010. Since then, I’m using my @kapilsharma.info email on for all my contacts, its more than 10 years. My email is circulated at a lot of places including my banks, several hundreds of websites and contacts. I created my social profile handle ‘KapilSharmaInfo’ (because targeting KapilSharma in not easy due to popularity of comedian Kapil Sharma) on different social platforms and I could say, this handle is my online identity and I depend on it a lot. Loosing it, means loosing myself online.


I recently got a mail from my domain and hosting provider that my domain was registered through Net 4 India, which has closed its operations. This means, I cannot renew/transfer my domain once it is expired in June 2021. Only solution is, if ICANN appoints someone else in place of Net 4 India, for which timelines are not defined.

A huge shock for me; What are my options? Well none. I can’t do anything to save kapilsharma.info domain and must depend on ICANN. In case I loose my domain, I’ll loose my email and with that all social accounts and online identity.


Well, I’m not sure if I can protect my domain but does it mean I’ve no other solution.

Changes are part of life. We cannot control all of them. We must adapt and move forward.

We must expect for the best, but we must also prepare for the worse.

Above two quotes, I heard/read in the past but didn’t remember exact words or who said them, gave me some strength and a path to move ahead.

I must expect for the best: I’m expecting ICANN will appoint some other registrar and assign Net 4 India’s domains to then, before my domain expires. If that happens, I’ll be most happy.

I must prepare for the worse: But what if I loose my domain? It’s mid-April and I still have around two months to prepare for the worse result.

Even though I made my decision, there is a lot to do. There must be a plan and actionsMay be this is not the right place to tell about huge to-do list but I’ll be recording my to-do list, action plan, actual actions and their result in separate post Creating new website and social profile from scratch.

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