Instagram’s parental control- Adds child protection measures

The young generation is more attracted to these social media apps. Meta-owned Instagram has come up with parental controls. These Instagram’s parental control will let the parents set usage limits and a few more measures for youngsters’ safety.

Instagram- The meta-owned app

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Now, parents and guardians can set up a time limit for their children on Instagram. Also, the young users will see nudges if they watch the same content. It will encourage them to look at a new topic.

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“It is crucial for us to develop tools that respect the privacy and autonomy of young people while involving parents in the experience,” said Clotilde Briend of Meta.

TikTok also announced that it will pass nudges to users for breaks. Similarly, such an Instagram feature is already rolled out that reminds users for taking a break. Instagram’s parental control is more important as per some reports these platforms could harm the mental health of young users.

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