How to save money online?- 10 ways

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With everything happening online, from studies to shopping groceries, we’re just a click away from going broke. But nobody wants to spend extra on anything. We all look for offers, discounts, and coupons before buying the smallest thing, don’t we? So here are 10 ways in which we can save money online.

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1. Amazon Discount Finder:

The Amazon Discount Finder is about manipulating Amazon’s URLs, so you can see all the products that are being discounted. You simply select your category and your discount, and it creates a page of discounts from that. Let’s call it Amazon’s hidden bargain basement as it’s a great way of finding massive discounts. If you search for 90 percent discounts then you’re picking things up for a quid or two.

2. Budget Planning:

It’s easy to get carried away while shopping online but if you really want to save money then budget planning is very important. It might help you to avoid temptation like buy 1 get 1 free. Create a list of necessary items and roughly calculate the total and check if it fits your budget. If you don’t wanna write it down on paper then you can use budget planners online. They are easy to use and quick to access as well. Some of the budgeting apps include YNAB, Goodbudget, and Intuit Mint.

3. Products with free shipping:

Not every site charges the same amount of shipping, it varies with the seller, websites, your location, etc. Few sites also deliver for free above a certain amount. And there are few eCommerce websites that provide free delivery irrespective of location.

4. Compare prices online:

To save money online, one of the best tricks is to compare prices across websites. Suppose you’re thinking of buying a phone online, so instead of purchasing right away check its price across different sites. For instance, check both Flipkart and Amazon, and where ever you find the lowest price, buy from there. Also, do not forget to check every extra offer from merchants or banks, it can help you save money while buying online.

5. Look at product reviews:

If you don’t believe a product’s price then check for its review. Reviews on the website can be fake, although there are a few authentic ones as well. Some websites also publish product reviews so you can give a look at them as well. Also, check whether your friends or family members have bought the same thing before and how was their experience. Don’t forget to check the return policy of the products. So that even if you end up purchasing the product, you can return it and save your money.

6. Buy through a mobile app:

Mobile apps are extremely feasible when it comes to online shopping. Moreover, there are few apps that offer huge discounts while shopping. Some eCommerce apps also provide a discount and free delivery for first-time users. Besides, mobile apps are highly beneficial if you don’t want to check the entire website. If you don’t have access to a laptop or desktop all the time, just use your mobile and purchase through an app.

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7. Cash back offers:

Apart from coupon codes, you can also look for cash-back offers. Search for the most beneficial cash-back deals on the official site. No worries if you don’t find it; just browse through Google. Many websites like CashKaro and GoPaisa have affiliations with eCommerce websites. You can get cash back as long as you visit them via those affiliate links. All you need to do is to create an account on the above-mentioned sites and browse through different cashback deals they provide.

8. Wait for sales:

As Indians, we always look for sales and the best online sales are during the festive season. Almost all the websites give heavy discounts during that season and you can save a ton of money during that time. From groceries to electronics, everything can be bought at a lower price. Sometimes, you can receive discounts up to 50-60% on your favorite items.

9. Check your emails:

Whenever there’s a reduction in price or sale coming up, you will receive emails from sites you have logged in to. You can also use multiple email accounts to receive more discounts as some websites give first-time users a heavy discount.

10. Leave products in shopping cart:

This smart trick might help you save money if you don’t need something immediately. Undergo your shopping list and choose some items that can wait a while. Add the to your cart. Now you have to wait. Generally, online shops have systems for motivating you to complete your purchase. You might receive ads and email notifications for that product that will be possibly visible on other websites you visited. This is known as Retargeting. Don’t get fooled by “only 1 left in stock”.


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