Snipping tool not working in Windows 11: Easy fixes

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Is your snipping tool not working in Windows 11? Microsoft’s traditional screenshot grabber was replaced by combining its functionality with Snip & Sketch. Although the improved Windows 11 app appears to be a straightforward upgrade from Windows 10, users have reported issues such as “the program can’t launch” errors and a slow response when capturing screen shots.

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The inability of the Snipping Tool to function is caused by failed Windows 11 security upgrades, expired digital certificates, or a missing folder/registry value. Each of the solutions listed below will address a specific error source. The following are some possible solutions to get Snipping Tool to operate on your device. 

Try Restarting the Snipping Tool App 

You should restart the Snipping Tool application if it is not working. If you’ve been having problems with the program and a screenshot isn’t working in Windows 11, you should try restarting it. To do so, follow the instructions below: 

  • Firstly, open the Task Manager on your PC by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Esc. In the Processes tab in the Task Manager, search for the Snipping Tool.  
  • Select Snipping Tool and then click on End Task. 
  • Once done, open the Start Menu and then search for the Snipping Tool. Click on the Snipping Tool to open it.  

You should now be able to use the snipping tool. However, if the screenshot is not working in Windows 11, you should move on to the next troubleshooting step. 

Allow Snipping Tool App to Run in the Background 

If you are unable to take screenshots on your Windows 11 PC, you must enable the snipping tool software to operate in the background. Follow the instructions below to allow the Snipping Tool program to operate in the background. 

  • Press the Windows + I key combo to open the Settings app on your PC. 
  • Click on the Apps section on the left sidebar of the Settings app, and then on the right side, click on the Apps & features option. 
  • From the list of applications, search for the Snipping Tool. Click on the three dots (three ellipses) right beside the Snipping Tool. From the menu that opens up, click on Advanced Options.  
  • Click on the drop-down menu right below the Background App Permissions, and from the list of options, select Always. 

After doing so, try running the Snipping Tool app again on your PC. This time, you should be able to use it without any issue. 

Run Windows App Trouble-shooter 

Another thing you may try if your snipping tool is not working is to run the Windows App troubleshooter. The Windows App Trouble-shooter will find and repair problems with your PC’s programs. Follow the instructions below to launch the Windows App Troubleshooter. 

  • Open the Settings app by pressing the Windows + I key combo. 
  • In the Settings app, click on the Troubleshoot on the right side and click on Other Trouble-shooters.  
  • Click on the Run button right next to the Windows Store Apps to run the Windows app trouble-shooter. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to run the trouble-shooter and fix the issue with it. 

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Try Repairing/Resetting the App 

If none of this worked, you should try fixing or resetting the app. The procedures below will assist you in repairing or resetting the Snipping Tool app- 

  • Search for the Snipping Tool in the Start Menu.  
  • Right-click on the Snipping Tool app from the search result, and then click on App Settings.  
  • Scroll down to the Reset section. Click on the Repair button to repair the app and fix issues with it. 
  • This should fix the issue with the app. However, if the issue is still not solved, click on Reset to reset the app.

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